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Child's Book of Character Building - Growing up in God's World - Part 1

God's Great Covenant, Old Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children

God's Great Covenant, Old Testament 2: A Bible Course for Children

Praise Hymn Bible Series

Bible Bee

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Bible coloring pages - great alphabet tool

More coloring pages - Christian themes

Bible Coloring Pages

John 14:6 coloring page

Scripture Memory Coloring Pages

OT and NT Lesson Ideas

Bible Activity Worksheets - great for elementary and older kids!

Christian Liberty Press

Calvary Chapel Coloring Bible Pages

Christian Pre-school Printables for Kids

A Kid's Heart:

CBH Ministries:

Bible Lessons:

Scripture Sleuth:


Character Studies on the Web:

Bible Activity Worksheets:

Character Building for Families:

Christian Preschool Printables


NEST Entertainment Bible Classic DVD's, Veggie Tales by Big Idea, Hermie and Wormie DVD's by Max Lucado and they have great books too.

Hillsong live worship for Kids! Jesus is my SuperHero

the Praise Baby collection DVD set

Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1 and 2

Miss Patty Cake's DVD's

Hide 'em in your heart - CD and DVD by Steve Green

My ABC Bible Verses one of our favorite books!

Five Minute Devotionals and More Five Minute Devotionals

the Jesus Storybook Bible the children love listening to each story about Jesus

Topical Memory System

EARLY ELEMENTARY (1st -thru 3rd Grade)


What every girl should know

18 Tricks to Memorize Scripture


The Steele Family - Publishing the Gospel in the Ukraine

Remember to check out Getting Started for more curriculum ideas.


  1. Jill, do you do things for your little ones in this department such as 2 years old and up. We are starting a new program at church and I am Co-directing it and I would like some advice. Thanks for getting back to me so easily. I am hoping that you will do giveaways on this blog too! :)

  2. Hi Katrina!

    Almost everything you see here I use for our children.

    They LOVE the ABC Bible Verse book, the DVD's and any memory game I play with them.

    Our 3 yr old and up LOVE bible study where I read the Hermie and Wormie bible to them and teach the word to their level.

    Our 18 mo old and 28 mo. old sit and listen with everyone else. Not sure how much they understand, but I do know they are getting something out of it. They both say AMEN at the end of every prayer and know Jesus' name!

    Blessings and thanks for joining me on this journey!

  3. As a missionary family, we stock up on resources while in the US (but have limited luggage space). My boys (ages 4 and 7) absolutely love "God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible" by Sheila Walsh, As a creative teacher, I love it too! It gives chunks of scripture, not just a story, and ideas to get learning and inspiring my creative lesson planning. My oldest can read it, and my youngest can enjoy as well.

    Happy homeschoolin'
    Mommy Bedenkop

  4. For beginner Bibles, I absolutely adore "A Child's First Bible" by Kenneth Taylor. My two boys have lovingly gone through 3 of these. The text is simple, but it includes many more stories than the traditional story Bibles and has wonderful illustrations that portray a bit more of the culture.

    Happy Homeschoolin'
    Mommy Bedenkop


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