Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excellence of Good Manners

I found a wonderful game called

Last night we played the game after dinner. I asked the question on the front of the card and the children had to raise their hands and give me the right answer. It was wonderful to see how many even our 5 yr old son knew. I was even more thrilled to hear our 3 yr old son answering some too. We had the most fun practicing how to answer the phone and calling someone. We practiced that for about fifteen minutes until all that talk did it correctly. I highly recommend these cards. The children loved seeing the pictures of the pigs.

The site has wonderful tools for tots to pre-teens.

Their Tell me a story and Write me a story books have won parent awards.

You might want to check out their Basic Skills books and for those of you with Preschoolers look here and here too.

I highly recommend checking out Education World - click here to read their wonderful ideas on teaching respect and good manners in the classroom.

I can't tell you how many times people who call our home and get Lexi first, comment on what a treat it was to speak with her. Many ask if they can hire her. Very sad and telling. I agree because how many homes do you call where the children answer and say, "Hey!" or "What!" or scream in your ear, "MOM THE PHONE IS FOR YOU!"?

I just wrote a post all about the importance of love on our family blog. Love in action is good manners. I believe God asks us to teach them how important it is to have proper respect for adults and everyone they meet from a very young age. It is all part of training them up in the way they should go.

For those of you who like to have fun making your games - I found this free one for teaching good manners here.

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  1. Manners, something we see in other cultures all the time, but have seems to be evaporating little by little in the US. I'm going to check out the sites, and start my little princes on learning how to act as princes in God's kingdom! I tell them all the time, remember you're a prince, point to your King in all you do!

    Happy Homeschoolin,
    Sarah Dawn


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