Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here are some of our favorite math books!

How to choose a Math Curriculum

If your child hits a snag where he/she doesn't seem to get it from the instructions provided, you can turn to Khan Academy for 10 min. video lessons on different topics.

Khan Academy:
  • (scroll down for the topics)

LOTS OF FREE PRINTABLES:Remember to check out Getting Started for more curriculum ideas.

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  1. Just loving it .. I've been completely creating my own math worksheets because I just didn't know the bounty that was available on line. Thanks for putting this together, a real gem for us moms.

  2. We love The life of Fred series for my 5th grader (and up).
    reuseable, fun, funny and keeps his interest while teaching fractions. (higher levels available through 3rd year college level).

    :) Great blog resource my friend.

  3. Thanks Tami!

    Yes, I learned about those from you and forgot to put them up here.

    I have a ton of sites still to put up in the right subject!

    Keep checking back because I will be adding things all of the time!

    Love and blessings,


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