Sunday, May 3, 2009


Apologia Science Curriculum Books

Let's Read and Find Out Science Series

TOPS Science

Life science with real books:

Science Lesson Plans:

K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook:

Christian Kids explore Chemistry

Christian Kids explore Biology

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Science



Journey North:

Bat house Template:

Environmental Genomics of Earthworms:

Center for Insect Science:

Center for Insect Science (Table of Contents):

Wonderful World of Weather:

Franklin's Forecast:

Weather Wiz Kids:

Animal Diversity Web:

Science Made Simple:

Body Quest:


American Chemical Society:

Classifying Critters:

Earth's Birthday:

Steve Spangler Experiments:

Science Lessons & Activities:

Space (free downloads):

Human Anatomy Online:

Human Body Lesson Archive:

J-Track Satellite Tracking:

Butterfly Sky Farm:

Monteray Bay Aquarium:

Moody Science Videos & Dvds:

Moody Science Videos & Dvds (#2):

Mr & Mrs Smith's Life Science Page:

My Pyramid (food groups):

National Wildlife Federation:

Nature Works (Teacher's Guides):

K-5 Elementary Science Lessons:

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab:

Magic School Bus Science Activities:

cience News For Kids:

Wilderness Survival For Kids:

The Adventures of Herman The Worm:

The Science Page:

Solar & Heliospheric Observatory:

Tobin's Lab:

Visible Proofs: Forensic views of the body:

FOSS Humany Body:


TOP Science Online:

Science Book List (great resource!!):

Ants Alive:

Bullfrog Films:

Discovery Channel Education:

Jonathan Park Homeschool Lessons:

Neuroscience for Kids Worksheets:

University of Illinois Just For Kids:

Africam - Live Wildlife Cam:

Animal Cams at the National Zoo:

Zoo Praha Webcam:

Sprocket Works:

Food History lesson plans:

Great Science Adventures Curriculum:

Remember to check out Getting Started for more curriculum.
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