Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning Colors and Shapes is fun!

I love to teach the children through playing when they are very young. I am not one who likes to have them sit down for any long periods of time while I teach them. I believe they learn best while playing and often without any instruction. I love to watch them figure things out and to share in their excitment as they figure things out. Two weeks ago we added three wooden toys
that have quickly become our younger childrens favorite to play with.

Naomi (19 months) is really loving them. She often puts the correct piece with the color peg. She is very proud of herself and wants to show me every time she puts a piece onto the peg! We all love to cheer for her.

As much fun as it has been for me to watch Naomi and Noah playing with the new toys. My heart continues to leap for joy over Joshua - who I now know is NOT color blind!!!! He figured out three of the puzzles this week all by himself. He loves doing them over and over again - hoping neither of the babies will bother him.

This one is a bit tougher and with two trys Joshua got it all by himself. You have to sort by color, shape and size order. I am so proud of him! Better yet he is very proud of himself. Learning colors and shapes is so much fun!

Here are some of our favorite puzzles and learning tools that I use with our youngest four children. One of my personal favorites is the wooden clock. We use it often!

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  1. oooo....we love the melissa and doug clock. once we were sad because the 9 and 12 went missing for quite some time, but we never gave up hope. we just loved that clock too much. about a year later we found them....and we are pleased to announce that our clock is back in business. :) we also love learning by experience over here and use lots of puzzles!

  2. Fun stuff going on here. Eight kids and homeschooling, how awesome is that!!!

    Glad I found you. You are busy with your blogs & kids I imagine. Have a fun summer & I'll be back.

    Take care

  3. Hi Jill,

    I just absolutely adore your blog here! It's so awesome.
    So I wanted to let you know that I nominated this blog for the Kreative Blog Award. Please stop by my blog and copy/paste the blog award image to put on your post and follow the other instructions if you chose to accept this award. Your site really is so very creative and amazing. You are so talented.

    Your friend and sister in Him,

  4. THat is so awesome Jill to see those precious little kids learning like this with such love and encouragement proudly supported by mom and dad! They look just so happy; I can only imagine what a blessing this is for you; especially to realize that your precious son IS NOT color blind. God is so good! Praise Him for the many blessings He opens our eyes to every day! I'm rejoicing with you over this news and the wonderful way your kids are learning! I love viewing your site; you have so many wonderful resources on here. And way to go with hooking up with various sites that can partner up with you and you can help support one another. That's awesome!!!


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