Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Books we use...

I know many of you are preparing for the school year and you have asked me what books I like to use for different subjects. So I decided to take photos of our favorites!


Encylopedia and Dictionary:

Fun and Important Facts:

These are AWESOME Science books -

Pre-School and Kindergarten are level 1
1-3rd grade are level 2 - check them out on we are still building our library of these!

Grammar and Language Arts:

Mathstart Series - Level 1 (PreS-Gr. 1.) - you can also check these out here.
We use these in addition to Abeka math and Kumin workbooks.

MathStart Series - Level 2 (Gr. 1-3) - this series goes up to level 3
Art - these are two of the books I use to teach the children art.
Artistic Pursuits Curriculum for Creativity - wonderful art program for all grades!
Check it out here! I will be using this with Lexi and other high school students.

I will continue sharing the books we love - from Bible's to books about Jesus, children's devotionals, and just our family favorites. What books do you love?
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  1. Wow! although I don't homeschool (my girls are grown and gone)...these books make me want to get some for my grandkids (of which we have 7)!!!

    They look very interesting! Thanks for sharing these---I will try and look some up to get for my boys and girl(only girl)

  2. one of our FAVORITE history books is American Pioneers and Patriots Second Edition - Textbook Christian Liberty Press
    thanks for all of the ideas Jill! Love the math ideas!

    Our curriculum Heart of Dakota uses it and we have tried alot of dif. history books: Abeka, BJU, Sonlight recommendations, and this one has excited and ignited a desire to learn more as mo other has. It is fictional accounts of typical Pilgrim familes and the younger children love hearing of other little ones their age from the past.

  3. i loved the history of the US son used them in 8th grade homeschool...he is a big time history lover, so he loved that there was SO much more information in that set than there ever could be in a single text!

    my all time favorite homeschool curriculum is . i like it because it helps me gauge where my child is reading at in comparison to other children his age that are in school. it is also easy bc i just print out what i need, when i need it. :)

  4. Thanks for this post.....I'm enjoying greatly.
    I was quite surprised at how much "homeschool" inventory I have at home from just being a hands on momma.
    Now that we are homeschooling, I can pull much from our shelves.
    I'll bee looking at the art books. Most of ours are more crafty-types.

  5. Thanks for the tips on your favorite books! I'll have to print this page so I can keep my eye open for them at sales. I love Draw Write Now books and I can't believe I don't have any others that you shared. I'm a kid book fanatic and I don't have ANY of those! So weird!

  6. thanks for sharing we use many of these too, I love Mystery of History. You have a beautiful family.

  7. thank you for sharing your blog! I am a little overwhelmed trying to read all of the wonderful posts! LOLOL!! I wanted to share a resource catalog that is free that I stumbled upon from Queens Homeschool Supplies. Just go on there website and request their free catalog. It is more than a catalog though and really has awesome books for Christians and children, true "living" books. Many old books republished-honesty, great for teaching being good stewards, virtue and valor etc...many many reading books-just different stuff that you don't normally see in catalogs. I am amazed at it and just wanted to share this with you. Shine on!


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