Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favorite Photo -

I'm having fun meeting so many wonderful new bloggers - I appreciate each of you who have stopped by and left a comment to say hello! Thank you!

This week is Favorite Photo - share yours and tell a little story behind - now come on and join in! I'll be around to see your favorite photos soon! Be sure to come back to see what we will be up to this year in our school rooms! I hope to see you again!

I'm hard pressed to share one photo that is my favorite being a Mom of 8 - so I'm going to pick my favorite at the moment.

This is Lexi our oldest, soon to be 15 yrs old and Naomi our youngest, who will be 2 in October. They are developing such a special bond. I praise God for the gift that Naomi has become to Lexi. Lexi is so in love with her and Naomi knows it. You can see the literal joy they both have when they first see each other every morning. Naomi is now showing us her every emotion - typical girl of course. She is funny, smart, sassy, spunky, silly, loving, and oh so YUMMY!

I picked this photo of them that I took last week because it shows the love they have for each other and how they always can make each other smile.

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  1. What a sweet sisterly bond, love the pictures!

  2. Pretty sure I stopped by last night... but I did not see the second picture when I stopped in. Love the kisses photo.

    Love the sweetness of their love captured in both photos.

  3. That is sweet! Precious pictures!

  4. Your pictures are too delightful! :0) (I was going to do a top ten list of my favourite sites or something, inspired by your site but haven't had time to do it yet.)

  5. So sweet! What a great picture of a great relationship between two sisters.

    Thanks fo sharing

    nannette @ Life: Be In It


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