Friday, August 7, 2009

A dear friend wrote this...

I woke up today to find this comment on our family blog left by her about my previous post and sign - letting the village raise our children. I love reading testimonies like this - because it encourages me to keep going and doing what we believe is best for our children too!

wa ha ha at that sign. i TRIED to let the village raise my children. i tried to tell myself only overprotective crazy moms who can't let go homeschool their children...and then i went and watched my son in school. he was miserable. he cried. he got yelled at, alot. he wasn't learning. he was actually forgetting stuff. he was learning things at school from kids that were FAR from appropriate. he hated it. he was cranky all the time. he was turning into someone so different from the sweet soul i sent to school. the day we decided to homeschool him i woke him up late. i will never forget the look on his face as he said, "am i going to be homeschooled?" i said yes...and he cheered....jumped up and down and cheered. hugged me. thanked me. now we see his "friends" at the store, and he proudly proclaims, "i GET to be homeschooled."

i am sad i didn't do it sooner, but glad i didn't wait any longer. it has been nothing but a TREMENDOUS blessing to both myself and my son!

go homeschooling! :)


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  1. Wow. I praise our loving God that he laid homeschooling on my husband's heart years ago, and on my heart weeks ago, before my children are ready for school. I have time to prepare, and don't have to watch my sons possibly suffer in the public school system. Thank you to all of you women who are sharing their homeschooling ideas, thoughts, mistakes, and WINS! All of this is so invaluable!


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