Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sound familiar?

Some days I feel like all I do is explain how and why we have chosen to homeschool our 8 children.

You see - our hearts so desire to bring glory to God through all of our decisions - for us as their parents and for each of our children. They are His! They are simply on loan to us and we are to train them up in the way they should go.

I am a product of public school and I can tell you I would NOT want any of our children to see or hear the things I did on a regular basis. I realize all public school are not bad, nor are the children or teachers that work so hard to teach the very children in the seats before them. Yet, I am not naive to believe it is where the light of God will shine brightest for our children. Nor do I believe that they will be loved each and every day like they will inside this house and when they fail or mess up - they will be doing it with those who love them most. They will be able to seek Him and be washed clean, pray for what they need to succeed and put all of their trust in The One who will supply their every need. It doesn't get any clearer than that - why we choose to homeschool our children.

Our oldest Lexi went to 1st grade in a public school and I remember her worrying about being fat and how others looked at her. She was concerned about it in pre-school. Trust me she is anything but overweight and yet she would cry about. Thank God that is done with and we are way past the trials of being a child who is being judged by what she wears and looks like! WHAT on earth is wrong with our society that children this young are worrying about how they look to others? It is bad enough we women and men do this to each other. Judging before knowing the heart of the person standing before us. Tragic really!

So you see we aren't looking to shield our children from the reality of the world outside our doors - we just choose to protect them from the sins that so easily ensnare us like judging before knowing the person standing before us. We want our children to learn the things of God and while each day passes getting a clearer picture of HIS heart for them and His hopes for them in the world that can wait for them to enter it. And truly not a day sooner!

They see the world for what it is - every time we go to a store, an event, a social gathering, a class or even sadly in church. Every place we go is an opportunity to teach them about the world we live in and thank God we are NOT of it! We praise God for the grace in which He continually gives us to parent each of our children!

I praise God for the grace He gives me to homeschool 5 this year. Trust me friends - I'm overwhelmed by all the planning going on this year and making sure I have all the books I need, etc. I tackle the day with a plan - I stay organized - I keep my books on a shelf where the kids cannot get to them and I check off my lists as I get things done.

Yet, even with feeling overwhelmed at times and unsure if I am doing the right thing - I trust His love for me and them! I trust that He is guiding me one day at a time to train them up in the way He wants them to go! I trust that He will provide what we need to get through this school year and by His grace it will be another amazing year filled with LOTS of learning!

I pray if you are considering it or even wonder if you can do it that you will reach out to me and others who are doing it and ask questions, go through my blog and read through the hundreds of resources and allow God to speak His plan for you and your family.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! I really desire to home school my children (two and a half, and almost one), but often times feel inadequate, that I will miss something, that they will miss opportunities, etc., but reading this post just reinforces my desires. It is not about being of the world. It is about getting our children to a place (much easier done while at home with a parent, who loves them most) where God with write upon their hearts and instill in them a sense of His plan for them.
    This IS a wonderful blog with so many resources. Thanks for your posts and insight!

  2. Wonderful post! Though at not yet two, Reagan's still too young for any kind of "schooling" right now, this is something I'm already looking into and thinking and praying about. I'm sure that it is a tough job (homeschooling), but I'm equally sure it is a rewarding job. I pray God strengthens and blesses you throughout this next school year! Blessings, my friend!

  3. Dear Jill,

    I couldn't agree with you more. As homeschooling moms, we both know that there are many opportunities for our children while they are homeschooled. For example, there are writing clubs, math clubs, dance, drama, art, science classes, co-ops, etc., I realize many new with homeschooling or unfamiliar with it, feel their children will "miss" opportunities in many different areas. This should not be a concern if these things are a high priority.


  4. I needed this post! My little girl is only months old, but we're already praying about her education and are starting to feel more and more drawn to homeschooling. Your blog has already been a great resource. Thank you!


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