Friday, September 11, 2009

Answers to your Q's?

For the past two weeks I notice the above poster on the back of the door in Gabriel's classroom. I love it! We are going to make our own this week. I wanted to show it to you so you can have an idea of how to draw one for your children or have them help you draw the 7 days of Creation.

I truly adore the children's teachers. They are wonderful! Gabriel's teacher happens to be married to an artist and he drew these four signs for her class. We will be printing them out and posting them in our school area as reminders here. As you saw last week our children tell you the teacher they are ready for learning and listening by hands folded on the table. If you are reading them a story their hands are folded in their laps and eyes are focused on you. We work on this every time I or one of the children read a story together. Our youngest two are learning the importance of this skill by watching their older siblings doing it on a regular basis.

We are also working on being respectful - when anyone is talking you are listening. We don't all speak at once or we are like the Tower of Babel. Showing others respect is very important to us and we are so proud of them for doing such a good job at it. Any time that I am teaching - whether it be our devotionals or school time - to answer a question they must raise their hand, wait to be called on and are never allowed to shout it out. They know not to jump up and down in their seats to get our attention or wave their hands. Esteem others greater than yourself is what they learn by doing all of these things and helps them show others they care about them. Great way to teach them to be doers of the word.

Many of you have asked for our family schedule with schooling:

Tuesday Lexi goes to her co-op so our schedule is different that day. Lexi works on her own most of the time - unless we are doing history or art classes.

Thursday Jordan, Abigail, Jonathan and Gabriel go to Classical Conversations again our schedule is different.

Wake-up 8:00 - 8:30am
Breakfast 9:00am
Devotional 9:30 - 10:30am
Memory work 10:30 - 11:00am
Reading, penmanship, math 11:00 - noon
Lunch 12:30pm
Nap time for the little ones 1:15 - 4pm
Big kids play - read - puzzles - color or draw

We do geography, art and history once a week for about 30-45 minutes each.

We will be filming the 10 commandments song and posting it next week. The children love doing it for me throughout the day.

We will also be filming our history time-line - the children already know 16 motions and facts!

The first board is for Abigail and Jonathan's class - you can see what they learned this week is the same as Gabriel (and Jordan but I don't sit in her class I stay with these three to help them).

The math facts are taught differently - Gabriel is learning counting by 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's without understanding multiplication. Whereas the older children are learning to memorize the multiplication facts. I bought these CD's of songs for addition, multiplication and geography facts - we enjoy listening to them and are helping them memorize what they are learning each week in school!

Each week the children give a 2 minute presentation in front of the class to help build up their confidence and comfortableness in public speaking. Our children are so used to it living in a house with 10 people. We get up and do shows or give speeches all of the time just for fun. This week they had to share a few of their favorite things. We practiced for a few days and they each did great - the cutest part is hearing them tell about their favorite bible stories and why.

Jonathan - Daniel and the lions den- God saved him from being eaten. He was brave because he trusted God.
Gabriel - Jonah and the big fish - God saved him from being eaten too.
Abigail - Ruth - she got married and had a child.
Jordan - Esther - she loved God and her people.

You can see they are learning Latin - at the moment they are learning noun endings. I don't know about you but I wasn't taught this stuff until middle school or later. We are NOT diagramming sentences at home yet and probably won't for another two years. When the time comes they will know all the parts of speech.

To teach them to memorize these big words I say "nominative" while stomping twice and jumping up once for subject. You can stomp your feet as many times as you want and jump twice for the meanings in English. They LOVE it!

Last week the children learned the 5 living kingdoms (Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Monera) and this week they learned the classifications of living things. Each week they do a science experiment that matches what they are learning. This week is was why does a dead fish float - they used a plastic bag in water to show how and why. Pretty cool.

Geography we are learning about Africa - last week it was the Fertile Cresent and this week it is the Assyrian Empire. They are learning how to find specific locations on the maps. Then we practice the names of the places they located all week and find them on maps at home.

This week for art the children were learning about mirror images - here you see the teacher explaining this to the children - she gave them each a large piece of paper with four stencils. They had to place the correct stencil next to the shape and finish its mirror image - then tell her what it made. This was a little above all the children - we will work on this more at home.
  • You can do this too at home - with putting a hand held mirror to your child's face and they will see only their profile.
  • Then cut out some stencils and do the project below.
  • You can use this to teach halves as well - once they draw the mirror image ask them to color in only one side - this shows one half of the total.
  • You can use paint - have them finger paint only one side - fold the paper in half - press on it lightly and it will show the mirror image of their finger painting. This was great for Jordan's age!

More drawing sheets beginner to advanced - can be used for tots to high school students.

Books I bought to use as well:
  • Drawing from A - Z by Betsy Waldron
  • Usborne Playtime I can draw animals
  • Usborne Playtime I can draw people
  • How to draw people by Barbara Soloff Levy
  • How to draw faces by Barbara Soloff Levy
  • How to draw flowers by Barbara Soloff Levy
Have a wonderful week of learning together with your children!
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  1. Wonderful post! My husband and I were just wondering about schedules, how that works, so thank you for posting that!


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