Friday, September 4, 2009

Gaining Wisdom - Ready to Learn!

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God,
who gives generously to all without finding fault,
and it will be given to him.
James 1:5

Yesterday was a new day and experience for our family. One I didn't expect to leave me with so many emotions or confirmations. The children began Classical Conversations at a local church near our home. We go once a week and are there for 3 hours. You can see by the picture below I had four very eager children ready to gain wisdom at their new school.

They too were feeling a bit unsure about what awaited them behind the doors ahead. However, their eagerness to learn more about God and the things He has given us won them all over. As they walked away from me I was able to capture the picture below that will forever be engraved in my mind and heart. I learned yesterday that I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING our children and truly can't imagine being without them each day knowing someone else is in charge of what their minds are being fed for over 8 hours - 5 days a week. I didn't expect to be so overcome by that emotion.

As they got closer to the door - Jordan and Gabriel turned back with a bit of hesitation. They called out, "Mom you are coming with us right?" Ahhh, my Mommy heart smiled from the inside out knowing they too wanted me there and were not ready to walk through this moment without me. I quickly caught up to them and in we walked with our hearts ready to learn all that God had for us today.

Our children have been taught to show that they are ready for listening and learning by sitting with their hands folded before them. They made me so proud by doing this for about 20 minutes as we waited for everyone to arrive and get into their seats for our morning assembly.

After the morning assembly I took Jordan to her room first - her smile reassured me that she would be OK without me for a little while as I took her siblings to their rooms next. Off we went to Gabriel's class filled with 8 other boys and girls ready to learn too! Oh they were cute! Then it was Abigail and Jonathan's turns to be dropped off to their class.

Now what do I do? Whose class do I stay in? How will I learn what they are all learning - even with it being the same material? How will I get three class styles to reteach it to all of them together? Oh my!

I felt so unsettled in my heart not being able to be with all of them - only a few other parents had more than one child in different classes like me. So I felt a bit overwhelmed and sad that I was not with each of them in their classes like other parents were. Gabriel still needs me. Jonathan and Abigail still need me. Jordan did great on her own! However, she loved having me in her class the few times I popped in.

I took a moment or two to pray when I got overwhelmed about being without each of them. They were doing great - but a few times they needed me and I would walk in to find them having another Mommy they don't know trying to help them find something in their book bag, etc. I'm so blessed that each family loves Christ and wanted to love on our children. Yet, it hurt to see them needing me and I was not there for the simplest of things like a crayon box or their folders for the art projects they did yesterday.

I realized how important it is to me that our family homeschool. That I be their primary teacher and role model.

I am thrilled with the teachers they all have and thank God for their willing hearts to lead each class. I am grateful that we have this program to learn from and grow together even closer as a family. I believe this will be a great experience for our children. I believe I will learn even more than them in many ways. I believe God is beyond amazing and wonderful!!!!!

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5

I am going to share some of the wonderful things we learned that I believe will help you teach your children - all ages about art, memorization and how we teach our children to show you and everyone else that teaches them they are ready for listening and learning.

Until then, have a blessed holiday weekend!

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  1. Simply precious!

    Hugs to you,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. I love your blogs!!!!
    I would love to know how to get started blogging to use my homeschooling resrouces and to have them all in one place and sorted out as neatly as you do!

    Can you give me some tips on how to do that? I would love to learn.

    I do have a blog but my knowledge of blogging is limited to only basic posts.

    my blog is

    please email me at
    sharonsaad at gmail dot com

    Thanks for sharing all of your blessings with us in blogesphere!

  3. It sounds and looks like you are doing a wonderful job as mother/teacher, by Gods' grace. How blessed your children are. I can relate to what you've spoken about; it's not easy.

    Thank you for sharing... looking forward to reading about what you've learned.


  4. oh Jill, so sweet. I too am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my children. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to spend the day with them, be their best friend, their teacher, their mommy, ahhh I too can become overcome with emotion, I am so grateful.


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