Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have fun learning...

I am very excited to share with you what the children have been learning the last two weeks. I'm amazed at all they can retain and understand! They are doing great! We are very proud of them and so are their teachers :) Who they all love!!!

I make sheets that will help them learn what they are memorizing and then I laminate them to be able to use over and over again. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE my laminator! What a great invention!

First week they learned:
5 Kingdoms of living things: I drew (things) to help them remember the words and explained what each one is.
Animalia (a pig)
Plantae (a flower)
Fungi (a mushroom)
Protista (a tiny germ cell)
Monera (another cell with the $ sign inside)

Second week:
Classifications of living things:

Third week:
Parts of an animal cell:
Microsoft Word - Parts of Animal Cell

Fourth week:
Parts of a plant cell:
Microsoft Word - Parts of Animal Cell

Parts of Plant Cell

The children are loving to learn about maps, how to read them, the four directions and whether things are North, South, East or West. They have learned about the Fertile Crescent, then the Assyrian Empire, Hebrew Empire, Hittite Empire and this past week we began learning about the 7 Continents. Below are tools I made at home to help them memorize the places and to see where they are on the maps. I give them blank maps to practice on as well. Gabriel is only 4 and has not mastered the directions on the map yet. He is definitely getting better on showing me where things are!

To teach your children where the 7 continents are you can fold a piece of paper in landscape - then have them draw things where they would be in conjunction with the equator. We spoke about how as continents get further away from the equator the temps begin to decrease more and more.

Microsoft Word - Maps of Assyria and Hebrew Empire

Microsoft Word - Maps of Assyria and Hebrew Empire

Microsoft Word - 7 Continents and Oceans

This one is great to teach them what the land looks like and help them name the major bodies of water.
Microsoft Word - 7 Continents and Oceans

This is the one they practice filling in alone without me.
Microsoft Word - 7 Continents and Oceans

They learned the 10 commandments for weeks 1 & 2. Week 3 was Greek and Roman gods. I printed out pictures of each god with both the Greek and Roman name - then Lexi colored them for me and laminated them. If you would like to have these to color and laminate yourself - please email me at

Week 4 we learned about the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. Then I showed them the current 7 Wonders of the World. They thought they were pretty cool. So far the history songs they are learning are by far their favorite. The songs they learn are only on the Classical Conversations CD's, however, anyone can buy them. It is Cycle One Foundations CD.

History_Wk4_7 Wonders of the Ancient World

They learned how to count to 20, by 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, & 8's all with songs. However, I teach them at home how to do this with adding, subtracting and multiplication. Math with Mommy can be anywhere from building with blocks, piles of raisins and then we eat them in bunches to see how many we have left to hopping in the kitchen sets of 3's, etc. I spent last spring and throughout the summer making math lap-books for the children to learn measurement, addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division and fractions. We are now using them a few times a week and they are definitely helping!

The children learn the Latin and English for parts of speech.
First two weeks were noun endings
Nominative - Subject
Genitive - Possessive
Dative - Indirect Object
Accusative - Direct Object
Ablative - Object of the Preposition
We clap twice for the Latin and either hop twice or three times for the English.

They are learning things I never heard of before like what the noun endings in 1st declension.
Nominative -a (singular) -ae (plural)
Genitive -ae -arum (line over a)
Dative -ae -is (line over i)
Accusative -am -as (line over a)
Ablative -a -is (line over i)

The first part of speech they have learned is a preposition - they know what it is and 16 words that are prepositions. Next they will learn to find them in sentences.
So far they have learned about, above, across, after, against, along, amid, among, around, at, atop, before, behind, below, beneath, beside. We have hand motions to each of them to help them memorize these too. The more you get them up out of their seats and doing something the quicker they memorize what you are teaching them.

Jordan is now reading her NIV Bible alone each morning. We are so proud of her. She decided to see what was coming next after Daddy finishes teaching them 2 Samuel. Last night after dinner she told us almost the entire first chapter of 1 Kings. Scott and I were pretty impressed. We are working through Jeremiah in the morning and 2 Samuel at night. We also began reading to them Sheri Rose Shepherd's books - His Mighty Warrior to the boys and His Little Princess to the girls. They all love it - I take the boys and Scott spends time with the girls. I'm hoping we will continue this tradition for years.

We worked on upside down images and this week we learned about abstract art. Each day I draw a picture step by step with them from the I can Draw Alphabet Book. They LOVE it! The girls are getting very good at the detail added in the final step. There are four steps to each drawing. We have done an apple tree, bear, cat, dog, egret, fire truck, gumball machine, a house and next will be an ice cream cone.

The most amazing thing is happening - our three youngest Joshua who will be four in December, Noah turning three in December and Naomi turning 2 next month are all beginning to memorize everything I am teaching the older four. They will often sit the two hours I am teaching the other children - maybe doing a puzzle on the floor or sitting right next to their big sisters and brothers. After the older four recite what they have learned - the younger three are quick to run to me and ask, "My turn?" They want to show me what they have learned too or want me to practice all of it with them. I am constantly amazed at how much information they can learn and if we speak to them like a child NOT a baby and expect great things they will always rise to the occasion.

I will post videos of the children doing the time-line hand-motions for the four weeks of CC, singing some new songs we have learned for history, math and science this week.

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  1. I don't know why, but I almost cried when I read this post! I have a 3 and 1 year-old and my husband and I have decided to homeschool. Reading this post just made me even more excited than I already am! I'm bursting at the seams with excitment!

    I don't know how the Lord blesses you with the time to write these details of your teachings, but I truly pray that He conitnues to. These posts are invaluable to my husband and I. I read every single thing you write, and it is all astoundingly helpful.

    Are we prepare ourselves to homeschool, we are so very thankful for your blog! Thank you for taking the time to write - it matters to many!

  2. (I meant to write "as" we prepare...) Ooops!

  3. This is our first year in CC. Looks like you're having fun - we are too!
    Just wondering where you find all of your terrific graphics of the things to be memorized. How helpful this would be for my kids!


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