Sunday, December 27, 2009


It is hard to believe this photo was taken in Oct. 2006 in Guatemala.  We were visiting A and J and bringing home Joshua (10 months old in Scott's hands).  The story behind this photo is a joke between my husband and our oldest daughter to this day!  

Oops she fell and couldn't stop laughing!

A few weeks ago I took our two youngest out to capture them while looking oh so cute...Noah was NOT having it.  I sang if you are happy and you know it...poor Noah just didn't think we were at all funny and really didn't want to look at me.  Naomi on the other hand thought I was hysterical...

Another I'm not having it face by Noah.
Last night I posted two more really funny photos of Noah.
I hope these all made you smile.
Blessings, Jill

I took our daughters out to a huge field behind our house to practice with a new lens and lighting.  The full set of photos is here.  What happened wasn't my plan but they quickly became my favorites of them together!  I am sure they will cherish these shots for years to come! Check it out :)


  1. hey did make me smile! Especially the last one : )

  2. Adorable. How serious little Noah is!! The contrast in their emotions is awesome. :)

  3. Little Noah is a riot! These are all really wonderful.


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