Thursday, July 15, 2010

Give me a D!

E! S! K! S! 

Put it all together – DESKS! 

WAHOO!  Yes they arrived this afternoon and Lexi helped me put them all together!   Friends we are all set to begin school again next week and the kids can’t wait!  

Seriously how cute are they!?  The room looks awesome with the desks in place.


I went to *Target today and in their dollar section I found some amazing school supplies – the cards for name tags are great!  I taped them to each desk and the little table for our youngest two.

IMG_5554 IMG_5555 IMG_5559

Here are a few photos of my area and from the back of the classroom.  The desks are GREAT they hold a ton of stuff!

IMG_5563  IMG_5566 IMG_5564

Next photos will be with these seats full of smiling faces!  Until then I’m praying you are enjoying LOADS OF SONshine!

And just to leave you with a smile…

20_great_reasons_lgMake sure you check out the subject tabs up top – many things have been added this Spring and Summer.  :-)

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  1. what fun! what fun! what fun! Oh the desks simply look perfect. Imagine the serious learning that will be going on in that great room.

    Hugs for your day,

  2. Looks a lot different than the last time I saw it!

  3. So cute and colorful! Where did you get the desks?

  4. CSN store - I posted a link last week :-)

    They are AWESOME!


  5. They look so cute!!! Love the colors too!

  6. Oh how cute! Very impressive.

    We go the kitchen table route! Works for us although we only have 2 kids!



  7. Oh it looks GREAT!! I'm so excited about your school room! The desks are lovely, and I love the colours. I wish we had something like that over here (I'm in the UK) but then we don't have the space where we live right now... I can't wait to see photos of school starting back up again!

  8. Oh, wow, I LOVE the desks - I cannot WAIT to have an actual school room!!! :) Hopefully this fall... :) I love the cute little cartoon you shared, too - all so true! :)

  9. Love it! Love it! Love it all! ;)

    You've been a workin' girl lately. Glad Lexi was home to help you assemble. Love the changes to your blog.

    Loads of blessings!!!


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