Monday, August 30, 2010

Assessment for Preschool

As I shared with you all last week, the greatest idea to help keep things running smooth in our homeschool with three little ones in the house is to have Lexi spend two hours teaching them.

Well, since this is all very new to her.  I wanted to be sure to assess what they knew and didn’t, to give Lexi an idea of what to focus on most in the next few weeks.  I want to build up their weak areas and help them learn new things – which will help her keep their interest.  

I used Carisa’s from 1+1+1=1 assessment tool (which you can get right here) on Friday.  I spent about a half hour with each child alone.  I printed everything out, got all the supplies we needed and headed outside so the rest of the children could play while I took the time alone with the child being assessed.  The children loved the individual attention and didn’t even realize I was testing them. 

I learned a ton about them by taking this time and using the assessment tools.  I added in a few things too once I saw their weak areas.  Sorry no photos – I forgot to bring my camera outside with us.  :-(

Just in case you are interested here are the results:

Naomi (who will be 3 in October)

  • Did amazing with tracing on the black dotted line from one point to the other.   I taught her how to hold the pencil correctly and she was able to do it.  Which surprised me since this is such a fine motor skill and one she has never worked on before.
  • Can count up to 13 without missing a number – then up to 30 with missing only a few numbers.
  • Can count 1:1 up to 10 (I had her count 20 object by touching them)
  • Can find print on different pages of a book.
  • She knows every color consistently no matter what shade of color it is.
  • She knows all of her shapes and says them clearly.
  • She knows her first name, didn’t know what middle or last name was.
  • Pencil grip is weak but can do it.
  • She is able to complete a ABAB pattern.  I used 8 colored objects and put them in sequence order, then asked her what comes next – she told me right away and put it in the right place.  Then I drew a pattern of square, star, square, star, etc.  Asked her what came next – she did it again right away.
  • She is unable to use scissors at all.  Again her fine motor skills need some work.
  • She was able to name almost every Capital letter on the page – she missed T, G, X, and N.
  • She missed these on the lower case page: q, s, d, g, x, b
  • When I asked her to name the numbers on the page – she first started telling me letters.  I explained to her these are numbers please name them as I point to them.  She got only three correct (3, 4, 5).  The rest she did not know. 
  • The last page was color in the white area on four objects.  She did a great job and stayed in the line and almost colored the areas completely.
  • Overall I think she did a great job!

Noah (will be 4 in December) he didn’t do as well and I was not surprised by that either.  In my experience boys take longer to grasp certain ideas and skills.  Nor was he as interested as Naomi to finish the complete assessment.  He kept asking me if we were done.  He didn’t stay focused very long.  (Thus me not being able to teach with him in the school room).

  • Counts up to 10 without missing
  • Counts 1:1 up to 3 – he skipped all over the place and told me he was done several times.  It was precious and cute.
  • Unable to complete any form of ABAB pattern (I used the same methods with Naomi above).
  • He can find different print on pages of a book.
  • He knows all of his shapes perfectly.  I am sorry I did not video tape it – you would all LOVE to hear him say rectangle.  Funny!
  • Knows his colors consistently but white.  Hmmmm…LOL!
  • Again only knew his first name.  I don’t think we have focused on what a middle or last name is.  So not surprised here at all with any of them.   He and Joshua told me their nicknames for middle and last name.  I got a good laugh at that.
  • Pencil grip is not good at all.  He holds any writing utensil like a caveman grip and if I changed it he couldn’t color or write.  He went right back to caveman grip.  He eats the same way no matter how much we try to change the way he holds the utensil.  Any suggestions?
  • He did OK on the tracing the dotted line.  You can see where he drew the line and several places are way off.  He lost interest in doing this one by the 2nd line. 
  • He is a DANGER with scissors.  I might even wait to teach him how to use them for another year.  Don’t be mad…he really worried me with them!  And yes they were little children scissors. 
  • When I tested him with capital letters I wrote down what he called a letter first if he got it wrong.  E was “F”, U and I he just didn’t know, G was “C”, N was “M” and M is right next to N on the page.  He did not know what S was either.
  • The lower case page I did the same thing:  he did not know q, e or g, s this time was “c”, d and b he had backwards, however, he got b right when I pointed to it alone, n was “m” again.
  • Coloring in the white area – he got bored by the 2nd object and barely filled in any white area.  Maybe four marks in each one.

Joshua (he will be 5 in December) did great – which thrilled us both.  We both giggled all the way through the assessment because we were having so much fun doing this together!  YEAH!

  • Counts 1:1 up to 13 touching objects
  • He couldn’t complete the ABAB pattern either no matter what way I tried to do it with him.  We will be working on this one a lot.
  • Counts to 29 without missing – right after 29 came 40 :-)
  • Can find print on different pages
  • Knows all of his colors and shapes consistently
  • His pencil grip is wonderful!  Which for a lefty is NOT easy.
  • He also struggles with the scissors.  Not dangerous like Noah but needs to practice this one more.
  • Did such a good job on tracing the black dotted lines Scott couldn’t even see where he did it!  :-)
  • He only missed S and M on the capital letter page.
  • Lower case page he missed p and m, he too called s “c”.
  • The number page he mixed up 9 and 6.  Common mistake.
  • He did an amazing job coloring in the missing white areas on the four objects.  He is precise and doesn’t like any white showing.  :-)
  • I was so proud of him and he couldn’t wait for me to show Daddy his work when he got home.

I hope me sharing this with you – helps comfort some of you who are worried that your child is far behind or doesn’t know certain things.  It is OK!  They will all catch up. This assessment will help you see where you need to focus more. 

Today the children are doing number puzzles, alphabet flashcards, playing number games and doing letter bingo.  This week I will have them use the  pre-school lapbooks I made last year for them as well.

Have a blessed day friends!  What are you doing this week with your toddlers?

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  1. I am so glad that you are posting what your littles are doing. I love reading your main blog and can not wait to read more about what your little ones are doing. My daughter is 2 also and sounds right about at Naomi's level. How blessed are they that your eldest daughter can spend such wonderful time with them.

  2. After all these months I finally found my way to your wonderful homeschooling site! Thanks!!! Can't wait to see it bless our family.

  3. New to your site, and can't wait to keep up with you! You're family is amazing and a blessing, thanks for sharing them with us. I love that you took the time to share the assessments in homeschooling momma's eat this stuff up!


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