Friday, October 22, 2010

It’s Good to be 3!

Today our littlest princess turned 3!   She was treated to her very own photo shoot and time with Mom.  Then out to dinner with me and Scott.   She picked Sushi for dinner Smile  Yummy!  It was delicious and she was so cute all day.   OK, she had one or two meltdowns, but grace people grace it is her birthday!  Just sayin’!

First we started on our property and Lexi took a few of us together.    I found the perfect shirt for her to wear (it’s really a pj top - shhhh! don’t tell her that!)   This little girl has a history of stealing my fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!  

                naomi-me7 naomi-me8 naomi-me6    

                        naomi-me1  naomi-me2

                       naomi-me5  naomi-me3-pop

Then it was off to a near by house that gave me the O.K. to take photos on their property Smile

Notice the first face – that is what I get every time we begin taking pictures.  Sigh…

                     IMG_0561  naomi-door1


Then she gives me a few of these!   And quickly asks, “Is this a good face?”  “Yes, Naomi that is perfect!”  He he he!  We both giggle and move on Smile 

                       naomi-door2  naomi-door3



We admire the swan on this property, however, we were warned not to get too close to him.   And if he comes near us to run away – he is a bit aggressive.  Well, today we had our first run in with the mean swan.  He sure is pretty – but not friendly!   These are me trying to quickly take her photo before he got too close.  The last one is when he was running towards us and puffed himself up real big – Naomi started to run towards him – YIKES!  I grabbed her and ran for the car.   We had another really big giggle session.  


                      naomi-grass  naomi-grass1


You can barely make him out in the right side of Naomi.  Some how I kept her in complete focus and blew out the rest of the shot.  How I have no idea!  I was not paying attention to my settings for that moment because I wanted to scoop her up and get out of there.  He he he!

These are from our property too – I let her wear my favorite brown leather headband.  Doesn’t it look so pretty on her?


                     naomi-sit  naomi-sit1   

                    naomi-sit2   naomi-sit3

Next and final stop was a beautiful park near our house.   We didn’t stay long because it was very windy and we were both COOLD!!!!

                   naomi-park2   naomi-park  

                   naomi-slide  naomi-slide1

To see a few precious photos that I took when we got home – check out our family blog!   Naomi we love you and can’t thank God enough for bringing you into our family.   Today was a wonderful day celebrating the day you were born!  It is one day I will never forget Smile 

Love you forever’n ever’n always!   Mom

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