Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Personal Photo Tips

After reading Darcy’s latest photo tip in her 31 days series – I wrote the following comment and thought you all might like to glean from it as well.  

Having the best lens, camera body and equipment is only one part of great photography…the beauty is captured by the beholder.   Thus, the true need is not the best equipment, but the ability to see beyond the simple scene or person in front of you.   As well as, knowing how to get the best photographs from the tools you have.   Scott Kelby notably one of the best photographers of our time could take an amazing photo with a point and shoot –that most could never capture with the best camera body and lens.  You don’t compliment his equipment, you admire and are inspired by his talent to go beyond what is in front of him.   To capture the essence of every scene and person.   His ability to use light in ways that I hope to understand one day.  To know a lens so well that every switch and change I make becomes like breathing…that is my goal each time I pick up my camera.   So are the following thoughts!

Here is the best advice I can give you:

#1 Every photo is about the subject – so make it about the subject.
#2 Every photo is capturing a moment in time – capture the moment.
#3 Every photo is a work of art – think outside the box and get creative.
#4 Every photo has the potential to tell a story – what story do you see – get up close to it or back up to see it all!

With that in mind most photos come out breathtaking, memorable and will be cherished – but first you need to get the technical stuff done right!   Learn everything you can about your camera, lens and practice, practice, practice.  Only keep the best shots and take notes during your practice sessions so that you can duplicate your favorite photos again.

There will still be people who don’t see the world the same (creatively, in full color or see a story before their eyes – they just want to shoot shoot shoot and that is OK too).  My brain never stops working creatively I was just wired like that.

Darcy wrote this to me: “That’s the hard part, though isn’t? “Get Creative!” can elicit blank stares or fuel a fire. Creativity cannot be taught. It can only be encouraged.”

AMEN Darcy! It is a gift I believe given to us by God.  Some just see things in ways others only imagine. I do agree with all my heart we can encourage others to see beyond what is simply in front of them and to look deep into the eyes of the soul which is calling them. That is where a story is waiting to be told in every shot we take.


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