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Teen Talk Tuesday – Why I Chose Modesty


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Whenever you hear someone say, “Now we’re going to talk about modesty,” you most likely cringe in your seat, roll your eyes, or just turn your brain off because you’ve probably heard “the talk” way too many times to count. It seems like the topic of modesty is a washed out one among my peers and most people now-a-days think it means having to wear floor length dresses or button down shirts everyday. Modesty is really important in this wacked out society, but most teens just don’t get it. Today I’m going to talk about modesty (don’t cringe), but instead of telling you why you should dress a certain way or how to dress a certain way, I’m just going to tell you my story and why I chose modesty over being “hot”.


As a young girl, I grew up in a society that stated you had to act, dress, and talk a certain way in order to gain attention and love. It’s no surprise then that when I got older, those “rules” were how I lived my everyday life. Sure, I wasn’t going around in a tube top or mini skirts, but I was trying to get guys (and others) attention by what I wore. I did this because I didn’t like who I was; I constantly compared myself to the un-realistic models that society created. I picked out clothes that I thought would “make me look good”, even though I was searching for more than a moments worth of satisfaction. Life was a mystery to me and I thought the way I acted and dressed was how everyone was supposed to do as well. This whole cycle of thinking changed the day I surrendered my life to Christ.

Once I became saved, I realized that the people around me were searching for pleasure that they could never attain by what they did or dressed like. What they wore told others how much they were worth – which, to them, really didn’t add up to much. It suddenly made me think that what I wore and how I acted told people that it was “ok” to look at me in a wrong way and gave them a warped impression of how they should act.  I decided right then and there that I would start to dress modestly….except, I wasn’t too sure how to go about it. I knew there were books on it, but which one was right? Did this mean I couldn’t wear cute clothes anymore?

With the help from my mom and from reading God’s word, I decided that any clothing that could stumble someone else was not worth wearing. That doesn’t mean I threw away my whole entire wardrobe! It just means that I put aside all of the jeans that were too tight fitting and all the shirts that were too low because I knew that if I wore them, it would give off a wrong signal and possibly cause a guy to think something that shouldn’t be thought. I didn’t choose modesty so I could judge others who hadn’t made the same decision. Choosing modesty was to show myself that I cared about how I looked and who I was on the inside. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t putting anyone else in a sticky situation or stumbling a brother/sister in Christ by what I was wearing. And guess what? I still get to wear really cute clothes!

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lex-modesty collage

My mom took the above photos of me this weekend and here are mine of her – now you can see that modesty does not mean being unfashionable – it simply means fashion with God first in our choices of what we wear!

me collage

Modesty isn’t just about what you wear, its about your heart. What you wear usually shows what your heart looks like and how you view yourself as an individual.  Modesty isn’t a limit to having fun and getting to pick out clothes, its simply a way of telling others that you’re not going to parade around showing off your body like the world tells us we should. Being modest is being different, and while being different might scare you, just remember that Jesus was different too. Sure, you may get picked on a few times about your decision, but I have to say, its 100% worth it. Just think, would you want your future husband to see you in an outfit that would call every guys attention the moment you stepped into a room? It’s something to think about the next time you are contemplating what to wear to youth group or a party and school.

Now, since most of you reading this post are probably girls and since almost all girls love to shop, I’m going to leave you all with a few links to some modest clothing stores that I’ve found and liked!

Modest bathing suits: http://www.limericki.com

Modest clothing: http://www.jenclothing.com

Christian t-shirts: www.C28.com

Modesty Magazine: http://www.jenmagazine.com/

Praying for you and with you,



Than you Lexi for sharing your heart and for the encouraging words to other teen girls out there reading this today.  I am proud of who you are in Christ and the choices you continue to make all to bring glory to His name!  I love you!

OK, teen guys now is your chance to encourage your sisters in Christ to think about how they dress and act in front of you.  Let’s hear from you and help them understand how they can help you NOT to stumble. 

Our house rule is – if I can see your belly when you raise your arms it is too short, if I can see any part of your bra it is too low, if I can see your bra when you bend over it is too loose, if I can make out the lines of your underwear it is too tight.   If what you put on passes these – then it must pass how would I feel if Jesus were standing here after I get dressed.   By the way He is right there and knows everything you are thinking – He knows the motives of your heart!


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