Monday, October 25, 2010


I am waiting to purchase my speedlight 580 for indoor photo sessions.   While doing research on it, I found this very COOL flash diffuser called Professor Kobre’s Light Scoop – by the price I wasn’t expecting much but wait until you see the results!   These are SOOC {straight out of the camera}.

OK, it did a great job there – now into the worst room of our house – the dining room.  Normally everyone turns out the craziest shade of orange.   And I LOVE orange!  But the coloring of our skin and my walls look sick.  Really gross!  Our children tend to have shades of orange in their skin and without the proper lighting they turn into pumpkins!  But NOT this time!  WAHOOO! 

Next my mother-in-love came to take Naomi for her special birthday lunch.   I had to try it out on them.   Well as you can see it ROCKED the shot!  
WAHOOO!   I think I’m in love…. Smile
Mom, thank you for loving us all so well!  You are deeply loved and cherished!

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