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Teen Talk Tuesday– Waiting

Before I begin today’s post – I want to let you all know why I did NOT post anything yesterday.  My computer almost died a very quick and untimely death!  You see my computer is new only 6 months old – but while I was gone a virus attacked it and well it almost won!   I did NOT handle the dying process very well and cried hard – because I just uploaded all of my photos from my trip onto the computer and had not saved them onto my external hard drive yet.  My computer was refusing to recognize my external drive and let’s just say for hours I fought to save a years worth of work and photography.   My kids even prayed for the computer to work knowing how sad I was at the thought of losing everything just like that.    To me photos are priceless and tell a story worth reading many times.   That is why I spend so much time taking them and making special photos books for our family.  We cherish reading them and looking through them over and over again!   Hours upon hours I tried everything I knew.  I shut down my computer at least 12 times and still could not get onto the internet to get to the newly installed virus protection and clean up program I installed at one point this morning while my computer was trying to die.   I wasted an entire day on it and truly felt horrible it.  I was disappointed in myself for being so upset and that I spent time and money that was not going to produce anything.   Finally, I got an idea and it worked.   I remembered something from years ago at work that an IT guy showed me.   The Lord brought it all back to memory just as I was giving up and waiting for Scott to come home to try his luck with it.    As you can see my last ditch effort worked.  I was then able to get online and have a live chat with the anti-virus company who then took over my computer for an hour and fixed everything.   That was the best $29.99 I ever spent!    Thank you sweet lady from the Philippines who works for *norton anti-virus – you were beyond helpful and patient!   Now my computer is acting like new again Smile  Ahhhhh – I can breath deeply once again.   Tomorrow I will share all about my trip – many photos included.   Thank you to everyone who prayed for us – our flights were fairly uneventful!  However, that doesn’t change the fact that neither of us ever desire to fly on a plane with only 50 seats again.  YUCK!

Now onto…


You all know this song…

When waiting becomes difficult remember it and rest in the truth that He is with you and will carry you through no matter what He is asking you to wait upon Him for!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

God is everlasting...He does not grow weary...the defender of the weak ...He asks us...wants us to depend on Him for everything in our lives...including waiting on Him to lead us to the spouse He has perfectly been preparing for us.

Can I get an amen that waiting is NEVER easy? 

I bet everyone will agree that waiting on God to deliver us from a trial or a hard season is one of the toughest things we do as Christians.  

Waiting can feel like torture – whether we are waiting for good news or bad.

Waiting can seem endless – when we are standing at the gate for a loved one to arrive.  

Waiting can seem endless when we take a test and the results are taking longer than we hoped.

It seems endless during many occasions in life – after a job interview, applying to a school, stuck in traffic when you are late, and often the hardest one is when we are waiting to meet our future spouse.  

However, the rewards and blessings that come to those who wait upon the Lord for all things are priceless.  

We all know the saying, “good things come to those who wait”, because it is true.

No matter how hard the period of waiting may be – when we trust in God’s perfect will for us and in His love for usour hearts are filled with peace and joy. 

Can I get another amen – that both are priceless and precious gifts?

Here is a snippet of an awesome series on waiting on God: {please take the time to read the entire article it is worth your time and will bless you tremendously!  I am printing it out to read over and over again – because life my friends is filled with times of waiting – either with grace or hostility, i.e. complaining.}

Waiting Necessitates the Passage of Time

When the psalmist wrote in Psalm 130:5-6: “I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope. My soul waits for the Lord More than the watchmen for the morning; Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning,” he was comparing waiting expectantly on the Lord to the night guards of the city who watched the passage of time in anticipation of the coming dawn when they would be released from duty. The coming of the dawn was certain, but not without the passage of time. In our “I want it now generation” we must understanding and accept the fact that waiting on the Lord always involves the passage of time just as it does when we are waiting for the news, a special TV program, for a plane to arrive, or for retirement. Waiting on the Lord inevitably means enduring the passage of time, but it means more, much more.

Waiting Means Confident Expectation

That waiting includes the concept of hope is why the Hebrew word qavah is sometimes translated “hope” or “look expectantly,” and why yacha, which means “to wait” can mean either “wait” or “hope.”

WAITING and HOPING are wound together like the strands of a rope.

Waiting and hoping on the Lord are what produce in us an expectation of the greater things to come.  

I just love the subtitles in the article on the benefits of waiting on the Lord:

  • Waiting Sustains and Satisfies (or Allows the Lord to Do So)
  • Waiting Strengthens and Enables
  • Waiting Straightens and Builds Character
  • Waiting Lifts Us Out of Despair and Causes Praise to God
  • Waiting Encourages Others and Gives Greater Ability to Witness

When we react rather than respond by waiting (seeking, trusting, focusing, praying), we suffer various kinds of serious consequences. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

Just in case you are unsure of the laws of sowing and reaping, they are:

  • You will always reap more than you sow.
  • You will always reap later than you sow.
  • You will always reap the same kind that you sowed.

But always, when we refuse to wait, there are spiritual consequences—loss of fellowship with the Lord, loss of spiritual strength and wisdom, loss of our witness, loss of eternal rewards, and being out of the Lord’s will.

I want to encourage you all that waiting on the Lord is worth the cost and anything you must go through to receive the blessings of being in center of His will for your life!

The world will never encourage you to wait.

It tells you to do the exact opposite – 365 and 24/7.

Everyone is told to get it now.  

Don’t wait ‘til tomorrow to get what you want today.

You can’t watch evening TV shows or see a PG film without there being mention of dating, premarital &ex and dressing to encourage the opposite &ex to pay attention to you.  

None of that will ever produce a heart that desires to wait on God’s best!

None of that encourages any of us to keep our hearts and minds pure.

None of that shows our youth the value in waiting on God and the perfect time for everything in life.  

None of that shows our youth how much value they have or their worth to God!

None of that builds up their self-esteem – it only causes them to stumble or think about and believe things that are the exact opposite of what God says about them!

This generation needs to know their worth and understand the greatest blessing that comes when they wait upon the Lord for true love.


True love is more than worth waiting for. 

It is worth every sacrifice you are being asked to make.

It is worth every time you choose to leave a room, conversation, party, to turn off a TV show, not go to a popular movie filled with impurity, etc., and not being intimate emotionally and physically before marriage.  

Never sell yourself short.  

You are worth waiting for!  

Waiting for true love is a gift you give to yourself and future spouse that is sure to produce eternal blessings!

When you wait upon the Lord – you will always reap His blessings! 

Join me in praying for this generation to wait for God’s best and blessings!


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