Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black and White Wednesday–Joy

I shared some funny face shots yesterday…but this one just makes me laugh!  I truly do like myself much better in BW. Especially the older I get. 


Our youngest son is turning 4 December 26th and he will always be daddy’s little man.   Their love is something special.  Noah came home when he was almost 9 months old.  Immediately upon meeting Scott they had an incredible bond.  That bond has only grown stronger and deeper.   To watch them together gives me great joy!

Here they are together when he first came home…scottnoah

Before I share them together now…I couldn’t resist sharing these.  He is still a very serious little guy!  His eyes tell you exactly how he is feeling.  When he is sad, hurt or disappointed – he looks like this.noah-daddy-1

When he is happy, excited, etc. he looks like this!


And here they are together now!



Two words describe their relationship and these photos – JOY AND LOVE!


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  1. What gorgeous photos, I can feel the joy coming right out of them :)


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