Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday Joyful

Yesterday I was finally able to meet Nicholas.  I have prayed for him for over 2 years.  His parents are dear friends of mine and I will be taking his newborn shots later this week.  I can’t wait.  I took his Mom’s maternity shots three months ago.   Here he is in Grandma’s arms.  He is a little angel – 6lb 5.8oz.  Almost the exact birth weight I guessed the day before he arrived.  there is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby and the joy they bring into their family.  I love you little one.




Today is our oldest sons 4th Gotcha Day.  He came home from Guatemala when he was almost 4 yrs old.  Next month he will celebrate his 7th birthday.  It is hard to believe how far we have come since the day we met him and he came home forever’n ever’n always.  We love you Jonathan!

   jonathan-1    jonathan-4

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Sweet Shot Day


  1. Babies are fun to capture. Love your pictures.

  2. Goodness! Sweet shots indeed!

    And thank you for stopping by with your kind words.


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