Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wonderful Word Wednesday–Your Love

I just want to praise Him today.   No words.  Simple praise.  Because He is due all honor, glory, praise and thanksgiving.   God is drawing us all near.   This season is all about His love and blessing us with the greatest gift ever known to man.  A baby that changed everything.   Unto us a child was born.  The Savior.  The Truth.  The Way.  The Life.   It’s not about me.  It’s not about you.  It’s all about Him. 

Let us together make this season all about Him.  Give the gift of sacrifice to Him this month and throughout the coming year – it is our only due service worthy of the price He paid for each of us.


If you are interested in understanding more about what our parents learned that helped them make the choice to take the alternative route now – you can visit my health blog.  Simply click on the health tab above.  I will continue to share clips of movies that they watched and we have as well.  I have read most of the books by the doctors in the movies.   There is truth to be found.  There is hope waiting for all those who hunger and thirst for healing from the inside out. 

Yesterday I shared some really funny photos of the girls and me over on my photography blog.  Click photography on the tab up top.  Today you will see photos of Scott with Noah that are priceless.  

Noah did amazing at his first day of pre-school yesterday. Today is Joshua’s turn.  He can’t wait.   We are excited to see them so happy and eager to go.   The pre-school is focusing on the birth of Christ this month and the gift He has given each of us.   We are doing a few different things at home this year as well to remember the reason for this season – preparing our hearts to worship and celebrate our Savior.

May the Lord draw you closer today.  May He cover you with His love.  May He continue to bless you and keep you.  


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