Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bow Beautiful

Lately Naomi is really concerned about how her hair looks.  She wants it combed just right.  Poor thing is 3 yrs. old and still doesn’t have long hair.  I only cut it to help keep it even.  Any tips to help her hair grow?

I was blessed by Maya J Accessories with three beautiful headbands that she asked me to photograph for her.  Guess who was all too excited to try them on for me yesterday???

These were taken with my makeshift white backdrop sitting her facing our sliding glass door in the family room – which was not giving me enough light.  I was forced to pull out my 580EX speedlite to get the shots I wanted for Maya J Accessories shop.  I boosted up the contrast and made minor adjustments in LR2.   24-70mm f2.8 {1/25 f4.0 ISO 200}

Here she is in all her headband glory!








The purple headband was big enough for Jordan to try on for me as well and I love how this shot turned out.  Left edited in LR2 and right is SOOC.


After I was done taking photos it was time for me to teach the children school.  When I came back up Lexi showed me the beautiful shots that she took of her with Naomi.  This is my favorite!  She used a shutter release to do this series.   I’m so proud of her photography skills and how well she is doing with SOOC photography!  She is a quick learner!!!!! 


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Tomorrow I will continue the tutorial on exposure and how I captured the drip drop shots!
Thank you for all the encouraging comments.  I’m excited to share all that I am learning with you!

Coming up – sunrises, silhouettes and sunsets.


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