Saturday, January 8, 2011

Narnia Lives Again

Almost one year ago – Lexi asked me to photograph her out in the snow.  Well today was another magical day as the snow fell on and off for hours.  I shot these with my new {early birthday gift} – 100mm 2.8L and let me just say I AM IN LOVE with this lens.  I will be sharing many of the shots I took today in the coming days – from macro to just fun shots with my family in the snow.  Many of them are SOOC and I didn’t need to do a thing to them – the wow factor is amazing, the color saturation can’t be touched and well I just love it. 

OK, enough of me gushing about the lens – look for yourselves…there is something so magical about being out in the snow – being touched by it, seeing nothing but white all around you and realizing that we too are seen white as snow by God the moment we accept the gift of His Son’s life and death for us.  A gift not one of us deserves yet was so graciously given. 


This last one is my favorite.  I love everything about it.  Even her goose bumps…no worries we went inside right after this shot.  She was only outside like this for about 4 minutes.


I will share more of our winter wonderland shots and self portraits soon!  Until then I pray you are enjoying the glory of the Lord wherever you live!

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  1. beautiful shots... the dress is perfect for these... i think the last is my favorite, too... love it in the snow. btw, i have a lexi, too... :)


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