Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please do me a favor…

Turn off WORD VERIFICATION…it takes too long trying to spell out weird words and most times I have no clue what the letters are – which means I have to type in words more than once {insert Sad smile}.  The number of people participating in photo challenges is awesome, however, the word verification really hampers my ability to visit many of you and have time left to comment.  I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way.  So please before Monday’s Shoot and Edit make this quick change to your settings.  {insert BIG Smile}
Just in case you don’t know how to turn it off – go to your dashboard. 
Click on settings….then click on comments (to lower your spam comments check off Registered Users like you see below)
Settings for comments
Then scroll down to where you see show word verification and select no – then save your changes.
I understand if you want that on during your daily blogging – but on days where lots of us are trying to visit you – please for all of our sakes turn it off.   Thank you very much!
Do me another favor and please share this button on your blogs and thank Ashley for designing it!
grab it by right clicking on it – save it and then post it!
Just Say No - Word Verification
UPDATE:  Two more tips and suggestions – first, could you all turn on your email addresses so when you comment we can easily email you back?  Instead of getting when we try to respond to you.
You can reply via email to my comments I leave on your blog because I've included an email address on my blogger profile as well.  This works vice versa- somewhere in your profile you've entered a contact email.  And I believe it works cross-platforms too (type-pad, wordpress, etc.) - the blogger needs to have a contact email available.  The "" emails are from people who do not have a contact email on their profile.
Here are the easy steps to do that too Smile Once you do this you will fix the “” and others can email you if they choose when they receive your comments Smile
  1. Edit your profile and enter your email address under the Identity section, then click on the box next to "show my email address" under the Privacy section. This will provide a link on the profile page that says "Email" and a person could click on that to email them directly.  This also provides a legit email address a blogger can reply to when responding to a comment left on their blog!
  2. Make sure your profile looks like this to enable others to email you back once your comment has been emailed to them. 
edit profilesettingsprofile settings
Second, to have comments left on your blog emailed to you – simply follow the steps above to turn off word verification and then add in your email address where you see it below.  Then save it!  Thanks friends!
If you still get any unwanted comments simply turn on comment moderation and do not publish any that you do not wish to show.  Very easy Smile  Thank you again for making these changes!

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