Monday, January 10, 2011

Teaching our children to work…

The following was sent to me by our local homeschool group and sadly what this article shared isn’t very hard to see all around us.  

If you could name the most important thing you could do for your teenagechildren to give them a leg up and an edge in this world, what would it be?

Ensure them a college education? Enroll them in team sports? Make them take
music lessons?

Would it surprise you to know that the most important thing that you can dofor your teenager is to teach them to work?

We are raising a generation of children to remain... children. According to a leading magazine, 70% of men are not mentally mature even when reaching their 30s. A hundred years ago this wasn't the case. What happened to ourmen?

FDR and the New Deal happened to them. In his attempts to stop the flow of people into the workforce, Roosevelt extended school age attendance to 18.  Instead of young men becoming men, and girls growing into mature women with life skills, they sit in a school house until they are 18 years old, mentally and emotionally stagnating.

We as parents have added to this stagnation by:

  • Indulging our children with endless gratification instead of instilling within them a sense of industry, thrift and work.
  • We have decimated the family unit and can no longer find the time to sit at
    the same supper table with our children to eat.
  • We have enslaved ourselves to debt and no longer have the means to pass on a long-term vision or goal that our children can get behind.

Join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy as they interview the third of seven homeschooled children, Lance Seppi. Lance is an inspiration and a beacon pointing to the character that can be instilled within our children when we expect them to be more than they ever dreamed possible through hard work, initiative, and capitalizing on hidden talent.

I pray you are well – our homeschool year continues to move along – we have officially completed 95 days.  I’m glad we will finish in early May this year.  The snow in our area has been beautiful…you can see the fun we had together as a family here. 

NOTE:  If you are interested in photography or have a child/teen who is hoping to learn more about taking better photographs or learn how to use editing programs – share my photography blog with them.  Every week I am hosting tutorials and giving an assignment to follow along with.  You don’t have to blog to join.

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  1. An honest and real article...thank you for sharing. Enjoying your blog!

  2. Some very good points.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. I agree 110%! I just found your blog today and I'm glad I did -- I'm going to subscribe so I can read more. Thank you!

    ~Mary @

  4. So so true!! I've never understood why we are so indulgent of this generation; what has resulted is a generation of children who don't know the happiness that comes from a job well done, the value of work, and how to take criticism. I've often wondered how they would survive in the marketplace.

    By the way, your children are beautiful.


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