Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TTT–Finding your Identity

You are a new creation!


Today’s society tells us that our identities are based on what we look like, talk like, and act like. As teens, we struggle with this fact because we desire to be known and accepted by others. We yearn to be loved and, if not on the right path, sometimes make harmful decisions based on that desire. Throughout our lives, we search for that ‘something’ that we think can fill us up or satisfy a temporary hunger. We idolize every materialistic object, but pass by the One who created the genius’ who invented them. We pass by the Creator of the Universe and forget that it was He who put the sun, moon, and stars into place. We pass by God because the promise of becoming completely new seems impossible to us. We’ve done so many horrible things; God could never forgive me. We think there’s a catch because everything else we bought didn’t make us any happier. But even though we may run or hide, God chases after us and finds us in our awful state. He tells us that His promise is free and that we are worth it. No catch. No pain. Just love and only love. God meets us where we are and turns us into a new creation. The old passes away and a new life begins. {2 Corinthians 5:17}


Before you come to know Jesus, your identity is what you allow others to define. The world shapes you and then spits you out when it gets tired of you. God didn’t design you to become someone else or an outcast. He created you with a plan and a purpose because He LOVES YOU. You can only find your true identity in the love of God, but you have to make that choice and believe it. When you become a new creation in Christ, the past and shame washes away forever and you are the only person who can bring it back into your future. Your identity in Christ will change you and will teach you how to see and love yourself the way God does.

With a new beginning means a new way of living. You can’t be given a new, clean shirt and then go right back and play in the mud again. Being a new creation means turning your whole life around and allowing God to be the center of it. You are also the only person who can keep you from acknowledging yourself as a new creation by putting guilt or other things in front of your relationship with God. Right now, get a piece of paper and write down something that is keeping you from seeing yourself as a beloved child of the Most High God. Whether it be a relationship, your thoughts, your past, etc. Write it down and then tear it up. Tear that horrible lie up because you ARE a new creation and God sees you worthy of His love. If you have chosen to follow God, you are a new creation and nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever take that away from you. He loves you and that will never change!

Even though we tend to focus on all of our falls, God focuses on our steps toward Him and promises to be with us every step of the way during this journey with Him. That’s a promise and its real. I’ve read a saying recently that states: ‘Anything that doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger’. Following God isn’t always going to be fun, but He promises that He’ll never allow something that He knows you can’t handle. Trials in our life teach us how to live more like a new creation and really do make us stronger in our relationship with God.

If you have realized that your identity is in something that is not defined by Christ, I challenge you to throw away and put aside those things that are weighing you down. Remember, God can’t hold a full hand. Let go and let Him teach you how to love the person He created you to be. You are a new creation and awesome to God.
Thank Him today and praise the God who has made you completely new!


Thank you Lexi for sharing your thoughts and truths with us today! 



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