Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 7 Pink Edit

Today we will be linking up with Ashley for her editing tutorial


I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing me say this – but once again I only did quick edits in LR2.   At the moment that is all I have time for and remember my goal for this project is to get my shots right in camera so they don’t need much editing.   If you would like to read about what is keeping me and our family CRAZY busy you can go here








I’ll see you over at Ashley’s!

Remember next week’s theme/prompt is “Self Portraits or Couples” in one SOOC.  Future prompts/themes are below my posts.  Can’t wait to see all of your photos once again on Monday. 

Thank you for visiting everyone that signs up each week. This challenge has been a wonderful way to not only improve our photography, it has become a very supportive community of photographers of all skill levels. For that I am thrilled and inspired!

In the next few weeks it is going to become increasingly hard for me to visit everyone each day as our family is going through a major move.   Please forgive me and understand that I will do my best each week to keep up with all of you.  I love visiting each of you and your comments are such a gift to me.  Thank you all for the lovely comments and spending time with me here.

As you can see I’ve changed my photography name.  This summer I hope to focus on beginning my photography business in our new town and after much thought I knew it was time for me to begin fresh.   The change will not effect you receiving updates in your readers or dashboard.  Starting today you can use the new web address and it will bring you here.  I hope you will share my photography with your friends and family by grabbing my button below. 

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