Friday, March 4, 2011

Everyone is BEAUTIFUL

First, Lexi and I are going to begin focusing on the I AM BEAUTIFUL project (that means we need you to all help us out – by taking a photo just like one below and then please add it to our flickr group).  You can do it! Just tell the lies in your head to be quiet because it is time to start speaking God’s truth over yourself and to yourself!  Then start telling those around you His truth too. I know this is going to be hard for some of you to do and we will be praying for you to stand firm in His truth and hold your sign with confidence and JOY!

If you don’t have a camera with a self timer ask a friend to come over and take your photo and then take theirs. Then help us spread the word to get photos of children, teens and women (men you can do this too) around the world holding an I AM BEAUTIFUL sign too.


Why do we want you to do it too?

Listen up -


We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces and have them filling up our flickr group!

Please tell us what state and country you live in when you post your photos to the group!

Thank you all for wanting to be the change this world so desperately needs now!

Everything about these photos screams BEAUTIFUL to me!




I love that we have NO idea why our son made this face and everyone else is smiling!



Everything about this photo is BEAUTIFUL to me. Every little detail!


Now, I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces and hear your I AM Beautiful stories too! When we receive enough photos and stories – we hope to make a movie with each of them, including a few live testimonies.  Praying for you to lay down all excuses and every single negative reason you try to hold onto why you can’t do it. Because that my sweet friends is what the enemy wants you to do – hide from the light. I beg you to step boldly into the light where God’s love is waiting to penetrate every dark area of your life and fill it with His goodness and joy!

Break down those walls and stand in the beauty He has created – You…WONDEFULLY FEARFULLY AND PERFECTLY made – YOU!!!!



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