Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural Beauty

Needs no introduction. 

Needs no words.

Needs no fancy lighting.

Needs no fancy editing.

Because all that God created from the sky to the ground – beauty can be found.  The kind of beauty that lasts forever.  It changes daily, yet, year after year it remains the same.  Naturally beautiful.

I took time very early this morning to see things I never knew were there.

light breaks

onedrop (1)

onedrop (2)

onedrop (4)

Do you see the sky inside the droplet hanging? 

That took lots of patience to figure how to capture it!

onedrop (5)

onedrop (6)

I love the colors in this shot.


Now I pulled back to show you the water drops that were left on the grass from hours of rain last night.  Now mind you they look much bigger than they really are because of my macro lens.  They are so tiny I almost missed them.  I had to squat down so low to the ground and then look through my lens to find them.  I was amazed at the beauty under my feet.

one blade of beauty (4)

one blade of beauty (2)

little drops of rain (1)

Tiny world of H2O

little drops of rain (10)

There is a very tiny and delicate plant waiting for summer to bloom its flowers in the front of our home that I checked for drops of water and look what I found…

so small so blue (1)

so small so blue (2)

one blade of beauty (5)

one blade of beauty (11)

spring buds

Yes, my friends spring is definitely coming – remember to set your clocks ahead this Sunday…wahooo more daylight!  See you Monday and all your glorious YELLOW shots!  All shots today were taken with my 7D and 100mm 2.8L macro lens.

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