Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 10 good to WOW Yellow

Welcome  back everyone!  Thanks again for joining us.  To those of you who are new to our weekly challenge please go here to learn all the details about how this works first.  The next five weeks of themes/prompts are at the bottom of my blog.  Also, everyone please do us a favor and read this post before entering any photo challenge…thanks!

This week’s theme/prompt is YELLOW – which happens to be one of absolute favorite colors.  It is such a joyful color and just makes me happy.  Now before you go any further – I’m giving you a warning now this post is full of YELLOW photos! 

I didn’t have a hard time at all thinking of things to shoot for this week’s prompt.  First, I set up my new buckets from *Target and filled them with peeps.  You got a sneak peak at the set up when Lexi shared her shots of them last week.   Well, here are mine.  Now I just want to say these will not be the ones I show on Thursday for the edit part of our challenge.  You will understand in a minute Open-mouthed smile

Cute – just as they are!    Sorry peeps – this is the end of your play here on my blog!

Then early Saturday morning while everyone was still asleep I went outside in the freezing weather and pretended it was summer time.  HA!   Because I just bought the most beautiful white grapefruits at the store and they were begging to be photographed.  Too bad I forgot what I was doing and sliced it the wrong way…ooops!  Open-mouthed smile I’m digging these SOOC too.   I did edit these and will show you them later this week.  However, there is still more yellow to come.   I sure hope all this yellow is beginning to make you smile Open-mouthed smile   I shot these with my 100mm 2.8L lens.


Don’t they just make your mouth water looking at them?  White grapefruits are very alkalizing and healthy!  They were a delicious way to start the weekend!

Later Saturday morning while the kids were all outside playing I set up my camera with my new wireless remote and took a few self portraits.   Now these are NOT my best SOOC shots, thus they are perfect for this week’s challenge – yellow and they need a little lovin’.   Which I can’t wait to show you later this week!  I shot these with my 100mm 2.8L lens.


These were taken with my 100mm 2.8L lens.   Have I mentioned lately how much I love that lens?  If not, you should know it ROCKS!  Every single shot it ROCKS!

Next stop my favorite old building around the corner from where we grocery shop.  This next series was shot with my 50mm 1.4 set up on my tripod using a wireless remote.   If only you could have been there to watch the cars going by and seeing the faces of our children sitting on the bus watching me do all of this.  They had a great time seeing me hamming it up!  I was so thankful a few of them were so willing to brave the chilly temps and pretend with me that it was warm!


This old building is so cool!  I love it.  It sit on a corner in the middle of a neighborhood.  I think it is a garage for one of the homes on this old street.  I’ll miss this building when we move.  I’ll be on the look-out for something just like it, that is for sure!

Like I said in the beginning, this post was going to be full of yellow photos!  I still have about 50 photos to look through and then I have to edit all of these.  Wish me luck!

I can’t wait to see all of your yellow photos – if nothing else this post hopefully inspired you to go find everything you can that is yellow and start shooting!


  1. mmmm I love the grapefruit! And they do make me want to run right out and grab some!

  2. I love all these photos - yellow is such an awesome and happy colour! I'm really excited to participate in this for the first time! :)


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