Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Ones

Boy do Robins grow fast – in just the last week – they went from little fuzz balls to hopping out of the nest and giving me and the mother bird a heart attack!

We have been experiencing tons of rain so the nest fell out of the tree – it got too heavy.  Then we put it back in the tree and made sure each baby bird was fine.   Then one fell out again.  I could not resist my daughters pleading to go help him.  I put him back in the nest and now he is happy with only one other baby in the nest.   The other two are way too busy and it seems have decided to explore our yard.   From what I can tell they are still alive.  Praying nothing eats them.

8 days old

right before the nest fell



Right after we put them back up in the tree.  The one closest to us was very funny about going back in.



An hour later the father watched me, while the mother gathered food…



then when she felt safe to return to the babies…I captured her feeding them


9 days old

The next morning after rescuing one of the babies Lexi tied yarn around the nest to give it more strength.




10 days old

before I woke up Lexi captured these the next morning…



Then I took over watching out for them and began my rescue mission once again Open-mouthed smile



I put the little one back up in the nest.  Then noticed another one fell out a few hours later.  Boy oh boy if the rain would just stop they would be fine.   So I went out to help him and he hopped to the front porch by the time I went outside, and I almost stepped on him.  Little guy was hidden in the grass. 


Ahhh, all four accounted for and safely in the nest.


Well, as you know that didn’t last longer than yesterday.  I woke up today and two were running around the property…making their mother crazy and the father tired.   Oh how I wish I took video of it all – there is NOTHING like God’s creation to teach you every spiritual lesson under the SON!   Truly this has touched my heart in so many ways and I’m thankful that I have these photos to remember the last 11 days. 

Remember week 20 good to WOW theme is Chalk Drawings Open-mouthed smile  Can’t wait to see your awesome creations!  

Please email me your best SOOC photos if you want to enter them into the give-away this month.  Any shot that you posted earlier this month that you want me to judge for the contest please email me as well!   Thank you!   

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