Thursday, May 19, 2011


Are everywhere I look these days.  It has been raining on and off for days.  The forecast is calling for it all week long here too.  Of course it won’t rain a stitch once we seed and sod around our house next week.  But that is a whole other story.

Today, everyone is linking up with Ashley for our edit of this weeks good to WOW Rain/Umbrella theme.   I did not edit mine {like most of you said and I agree – they are fine just the way I captured them} and instead decided to share new photos. 

Back to the beauty the rain leaves behind…












So when the rain keeps coming and you begin to miss the sunshine – stop and look around to see His beauty just waiting to be found!

More raindrop shots later Open-mouthed smile  Because a macro lens and raindrops are too good not share the lovin!

I wanted to let you all know that since we moved our internet service is NOT the same and I am unable to open most of your blogs because of all the stuff on them.   If you want to enter your SOOC shot in each months contest – PLEASE EMAIL me the photo.   Thank you!!!!!  I still visit as many of you as I can each week.  Please don’t be upset by my absence - as I’m really busy fixing things around the house, unpacking and trying to balance our new life.

I also wanted to ask – what things are you most interested in learning each week?  What tips, tricks, etc?

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