Wednesday, June 22, 2011

His Buddy

Lately our middle son has to bring his little buddy everywhere he goes.  (Again, our girls gave their brothers some of the dolls they no longer play with.  Being younger in a big family has many perks!) I had to explain he can’t make his way to the playground, because – well he would never return back into the house alive or for that matter clean enough to hug ever again.  

When he heard that, there was not one single argument and off he went to give his buddy a piggy back ride…



Story time on the rocking chair with his little brother…




and then back to me where I promised to get a good picture of his best buddy!



I for one am thrilled how much he loves this little buddy and wants to carry him wherever he goes!  Just not to the playground or on hikes – OK?  I don’t need to check dolls for ticks too…no thanks!

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