Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Heat is On!

Summer has arrived early.  Spring came in with a bang – full of storms (actually one right after the other for almost an entire month) and then left with HEAT!  Whew is it hot around here already.   Trust me I like it this way better than winter but we have not had any time to adjust from cold to HOT! 

Meanwhile, our 2nd to oldest was outside with me on the porch and I asked if I could snap a few photos of her???  As you can see, her response was, “YES!”  She loves these of herself and that makes me very happy!  So do I!  She is beautiful from the inside out!




Then she went down by the sprinkler and before I knew it…


                  That’s right she went in without a care in the world – clothes and all.  Had a blast too!  I was just thrilled I had my camera outside to capture her joy and the fun!

                               l-sprinkler-5634 l-sprinkler-5635


                              l-sprinkler-5643 l-sprinkler-5645


I was so glad my husband came outside just in time to see this…HA!


Hope you are finding ways to enjoy the heat!  We are making the best of it!   I have tons of fun sprinkler shots coming up!

Have a blessed weekend and remember Monday is our 23rd good to WOW SOOC challenge – Swings/Slides is our photo prompt.   See you all then!

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