Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Journey

Is about to begin for me in the pursuit of truth and health.

Which means my desire to feel my best is way more important to me than my need to be right about what I currently know and am doing.

God continues to teach me that there isn’t necessarily one way of doing everything all of the time when it comes to our health and parenting.  We need to change and grow as we learn about each area of our lives.  Along my journey I have added things in and taken other things out.   I have opened my mind to trying things I never imagined I would – which is a reminder for me to NEVER say NEVER!

I will be sharing my experience here with all of you in hopes to educate and inspire you to seek the same truth for yourselves. 

I believe I may be eating some humble pie along this path and must be willing to truly give this over to God to see it through.   I trust He has lead me here to heal His way and in His perfect timing!

Two weeks ago I went to see a new chiropractor and while getting ready to check out I was introduced to a patient of his who has dealt with many of my current health challenges.  

#1 Adrenal Fatigue/Stress

#2 Hormonal Imbalances

She and I got in touch after our initial meeting, which led me to a practitioner in our area who deals with both issues.   I just found out that she is also a born again Christian and has traveled down many roads that I have to find the truth about health.   Our experiences have been different and yet we share many of the same beliefs. 

In the coming weeks I will share more about Sara and the test she is running on me, along with the results, and the detailed outline on how to begin healing my body.   

You might remember me suggesting a few weeks ago to have a blood test done to learn about what your body needs and what you are truly absorbing/not absorbing.  Well, this test is better than that and it gives you extensive information about your body,the optimal diet for your body’s current needs and how to achieve that step by step.   

Until I have the results and know more about it personally I will not be sharing more on it.  So please be patient as I walk this out in front of all of you!  

My husband recently asked me, “what would you be willing to give up or change in the pursuit of truth and finding it?”  I think I am about to find out. 

Please pray for me as I seek God’s wisdom and grace to not only listen to what I learn, but to apply it to my life!  



  1. It will be interesting to find post asap when you find out the results of the tests etc.


  2. WOW Jill, I'm praying now for you and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey and standing by you in prayer. I love you!


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