Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nothing Like It!

Outside of watching my children pray to God and build their relationship with Him – this warms my heart in ways I can’t even express.   Sitting here looking at them brings a tear to my eyes and smile across my face that will last for hours.   Our youngest and my forever’n ever!

She knows that no matter what she can trust her daddy…


She knows no matter what his loving arms will always be there to catch him and hold her for as long as she needs!


Those hugs and kissed bring a smile to her face – she knows that she is loved!   Not just because he says it – but because…


And because of that I fall more in love with every single day!   His love for our family is a constant blessing!   We all know that no matter what he loves us…


I pray that our children will one day find a love this deep with their spouse and live with God as their all in all!  May they walk in the footsteps of their earthly father and know there is a love much greater than this – HIS – which endures forever!

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