Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Passion For Red…

This is part III from my photo session with our oldest daughter two weeks ago.   I have to say these are my absolute favorite photos of her that I have taken yet.   I know I say that every time, but her beauty grows with each passing day and challenges me to find new ways to share it with you.  This series is a true reflection of where my personal photography style is heading.   I am growing with each photo I take.  I continue seeing things in a way that speaks deeply to my heart. 

That my friends inspires me – seeing beauty in a new way every time I place the camera to my eye. 

My subject hasn’t changed – I know her intimately – yet, I force myself every single time  we head out together to take a new look at her.  I focus on never doing the same poses, expressions or location.  I force myself to share a different piece of her heart – you know the beauty that lies deep within her.   I hope this week you saw that without me even saying it.  But now you know what my goal is for each photo session – whether it be a loved one or a client.   My desire is to show you (my subject) all the ways God shines His beauty in and through you – the gift and blessing you are to the world around you.  




Are you curious what has her attention and causing her to laugh?


I was wondering the same thing!   I was busy capturing her not looking above or behind me.  Smile



It was this….


They were flying right for her and then swooped up high flying over the cornfield behind us…


We both stopped giggling and focused once again on this…



How delicious is this golden back light???  Oh the bokeh too – mmmmm…good!



Then I moved her behind me and the lighting was spectacular…the sky mysterious and I love this series!


Come back tomorrow to see the rest.  I hope these have inspired you to embrace Fall, and the beauty of every person sitting, standing or jumping before you. 

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