Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Last Summer Memory…

Before it gets too busy and Fall overwhelms me with school stuff, birthdays and holidays – I wanted to share our youngest learning to swim.   We were so proud of her getting across the pool three times without any floaties!!!!   She can’t wait for next summer to start all over again.   She became an expert floater before the summer was over.   Even if it meant we had to let her cry hard a few times to get there.  She did it!!!

Jennifer can you believe how far she came since we saw you last summer???  Thanks for teaching us so well!!!




Her favorite part was being swept up into daddy’s arms for big hugs!   Not to mention all of us cheering for her!!!!



I love capturing special moments between our children and my husband.  It reminds me how blessed they are to be so deeply loved by him.   It reminds me how richly blessed I am to be loved by him and have a husband who adores his children! 

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