Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 36 good to WOW {Edit}

Welcome back! Today, we will be linking up with Ashley for her editing tutorial.


I created a few new presets in LR3 and love how quick they are to use.  Not to mention they remove any unwanted noise, brighten things up just a touch and give each shot that little boost of contrast that I love. 





My only light source was headlights on my car.  I had my camera set up on my tripod and used my remote shutter release.

If you have not joined our good to WOW SOOC flickr group yet – please do – it is a great place to host your photo and allow everyone to easily see them and give cc (constructive criticism) – which at this point we all want to push us to grow even more in our photography skills.   The better your SOOC – the more options you have with editing – how much or even NOT to edit the photo at all.

REMEMBER if you want your photo to be judged for the best SOOC of September you must add it to our flickr group above.  Thank you!

Ashley started our good to WOW  Edit group – please take a moment and join that as well! 

Don’t forget next week begins our best of the month SOOC contest and give-away.    Septembers gift is:

Our theme/prompt for Monday is Teen/Adult Portraits!

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  1. These are so neat, Jill! I love the mood of all them - especially how you just used your headlights! I think the black and white one is my favourite as it's super dramatic. :)


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