Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drenched in Beauty

Here on the East Coast we have had our fair share of rain this year.   I can’t remember a year this rainy in my entire life.   With the rain comes moments of sheer beauty that just cry out to be captured.   Like these flowers still blooming on a bush right outside my kitchen window. 

All shots are SOOC – Monday I will explain how to set your WB (white balance) so you don’t have fix it later.   Let’s just say it took my SOOC shots to a whole new level and I had fun learning how to do this!  Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II – 50mm 1.4




I love this shot of a leaf on my windshield – it too begged to be photographed.


So did the thousands of leaves all over our driveway.   After photographing them, I spent the next two hours blowing them off the driveway…I had more fun taking these photos…just sayin’


Yes, every day my life is drenched in beauty.  Some days a bit more than others!

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