Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He is my…


Yes, we did go out and buy my wise man a *yoda shirt for his birthday!   HA!  It is the perfect shirt for him!!!  

Saturday night we celebrated his birthday and our youngest daughter who just turned 4.  As dessert was handed out he was telling us stories – we were all laughing and I was – well, SNAPPING away of course!   LOL!


And as he was happy to tell the children – “they can surely trust in him because, yes he is a Jedi!”  Smile  And we LOVE him so!


If you missed the delicious dessert that Lexi so lovingly made us to enjoy – take a look at these scrumptious GF peanut butter chocolate bars!


Oh yeah – they were YUMMY!!!!!!


Thank you Lexi!  We all enjoy your delicious treats and cooking!!!  We love you!

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