Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Know You Hired a Pro…

If you haven’t noticed life has a way of flying by and before you know it your baby is 4 yrs old.   Then you stop and realize your first baby is 17 yrs old and going to college.   Whew!   That is the season of my life.   Thus, my passion and desire to capture all the extraordinary moments in life.   Now that we are settled into our new home I will begin to fill the walls with large canvases of my favorite shots.   Isn’t that why we take photos in the first place – so we can have photos to look at for years to come in great table top books, quality prints, and beautiful canvases on our walls?    

Friends, this is why hiring a professional photographer is a blessing to you and your family as well.   You will cherish the moments they capture for you.  You will have quality photos that will last a lifetime!    Just because someone has a DSLR does not make them a professional photographer.    Being a pro comes with a price – paying taxes, insurance, running a business, customer service, marketing expenses, travel time, editing time and delivering a professional product.   It takes time to truly grasp all that goes into taking a professional quality photo as well.   It is more than just knowing what f-stop, ISO, WB, and shutter speed mean.   A pro knows how to maximize each of them in every situation, and produces tack sharp photos.  A pro invests in professional quality equipment.  A pro charges an appropriate price for their time, service and end product.   A pro never stops learning, attends workshops, industry shows and stays up on what is changing within the industry.   

It is fine to LOVE photography and want to take photos for your friends (I did this in the beginning too) – but unless you are willing to invest in running a business – please do everyone a favor and don’t pretend to have one.   Just because you can have a FB fan page does not make you a professional.  Make sure you tell people you are a hobbyist and love sharing your passion.   But don’t pretend to be a business when you are not.    Just so we are all clear – it is unethical and illegal.

Now I hope you understand why us professionals don’t charge $30-50.00 for our sessions.  We could never afford the insurance we have to have as a business owner.   It is really OK to be in business to make a profit.  

Just  remember you get what you pay for.  

With that said, go out there and create magic with what you got!   Learn every detail you can about creating magic with your lens and camera body.  Learn all you can about light, focus, composition and professional printing.  

What is a post on a photography blog without a cute photo? 


Wishing you all a photo-tastic weekend!

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