Friday, October 21, 2011

Tigers, Gators, Pink and Kelvin

I am thrilled to see so many of you hanging out with my BFF Kelvin.  He sure is making the rounds and having a great time at it!   I’m loving your enthusiasm to give Kelvin a chance and learning how to hang with him this week!   You are all doing a wonderful job letting him into your photo skills!

Last weekend, as you know I took several of our children to the zoo.   I was able to really practice with Kelvin in every kind of lighting.   There was shade, bright sun, dark spots, horrible indoor lighting, etc.   Yet, no matter where I took Kelvin, he kept proving to me he would be OK.   I wasn’t worried so much about getting every technical aspect perfect as I was with getting my WB to match exactly what I was seeing.   So even with a few of these being a bit underexposed, they are exactly as I saw them.   I cropped my tiger shots and then resized for the web (no other edits were done).

This tiger was very active in the afternoon when we got to his exhibit – which was fun and a bit of an exposure challenge at the same time.   The kids and I loved watching him in action!



OK, I’m just going to say it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reflections in the water Winking smile  Especially the full one of the tiger!




Ahhh a lone gator hanging by himself.  Almost close enough for people to literally reach over and touch it!  YIKES!  There is nothing wrong with the color in this shot – it is exactly how it all looked in person. 


Now onto my totally random title – look at this pink (salmon) color car…isn’t it so cool?   The girls all thought so!  Please just ignore all the yucky construction stuff behind it.  I had to capture the photo fast before it drove on by me.


Tomorrow, I will share a few more photos that Kelvin helped me ROCK SOOC.   I keep bringing my camera along no matter what I am heading, and practicing in all kind of lighting situations – the more I practice, the easier it is getting to remember the numbers that work for each situation.   I keep forgetting to bring my laminated cheat sheet cards along.  So it is a good thing I am practicing a LOT – soon I will be able to set my WB on the fly without even thinking about it.   YEAH!  

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