Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday

If you have not read my post from yesterday, I pray you will take the time to read it and then come back here to pray together!


Humbly I come before you, God, knowing that it is only by Your grace, through the gift of your Son's shed blood on the cross, that I am found worthy to stand in Your presence. As I see the depth of my sin, and feel the weight of Your holiness, I plead for Your forgiveness;  for every thought, word and deed of my heart,that is not found pleasing in Your sight.  Thank you, Father, that You do not treat me as my sins deserve, but You are faithful and just to forgive me, and cleanse me form all unrighteousness.

Purify my heart,cleans me from deep within, and make me holy. I want nothing more than to walk in Your truth, and to be found worthy of the calling that I have received. You have brought me out darkness and ushered me into the light.  Please help me to set my priorities straight. To desire You above all else.


Clear my vision from all the attractions of this world that are there to entice, distract, and draw me away form You. Take from my grasp all of those things that I am reaching for, and hold to that are keeping me from embracing everything that You have for me to receive.

Thank You Father, for Your word that is living and powerful- there to extort, instruct, convict, and guide me on the path of righteousness. Please give me a greater desire for Your word and grant me a discerning spirit, so that I can sift the truth from the lies that are so prevalent around me.  Give me the grace and the strength to stand up and proclaim what right in Your eyes. Work the truth deep in my soul so that I will be changed form within until all that remains in me is You!

Thank you Father for the way that You work in my life. I praise You that You don't give me all that I ask for, but You meet my every need. As difficult as this journey can be, I praise You for the afflictions that You allow me to endure. It is through them that I am able to see You more clearly, and have such intimate fellowship with You. It is these trials that daily remind me that this world is not my home, and I must keep pressing on, clinging to the hope of glory, and looking forward, with great anticipation, to my reward that is You alone!

It is in Jesus' name that I pray, Amen


How can we be praying for you?   Comment or email us with your prayer requests.   Praying for each of you following along on our journey to dig deeper and draw intimately closer to God, through Jesus Christ.

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