Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self Portraits {Fashion Photography}

After my session with Lexi, it was time to turn the camera back on me.   I set up the camera and flash for her.  Then I held up a reflector  so that we could get the effect I was going for, despite it being completely dark outside, and dealing with the horrific lighting in my soon to be studio.   This just goes to show you, bad lighting situations really doesn’t have to = bad photos.   Nor did I need to turn the ISO up high (these were all at ISO 125 with my 50mm 1.4 at 1/50  f/2.8).   One more reason to learn how to ROCK your equipment and create the best SOOC shots you can.  

After looking at these I am reminded how age is truly just a state of mind.   As I draw closer to 44 yrs. old, I appreciate my inner beauty that shines from deep within so much more!   It’s a joy unshakable and an everlasting love that I see in my eyes and smile.   Thank You God for giving me what no one can ever take away – nor can any life situation steal!   You are my joy and all in all!   I am NOTHING without You!

This first shot is SOOC and as you can see my presets just give them that little extra wow factor!






Then I decided to create a glam style preset.   I think they turned out really fun!  Not to mention I loved having long eye lashes again!  He he he!



After I perfect all of my presets I will be selling them in a bundle collection.   They are really close to becoming one click presets for all styles of photography and lighting situations.

If you have tack sharp, high quality SOOC shots that you would be willing for me to try out my presets on, please email me at   Thank you in advance!

More of my mini session coming up!

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