Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Little Frog of Mine…

He loves to let it shine!!!!  Oh how this boy can light up a room with his smile.   The other day, when I was preparing for my photo session with Lexi for the costume prompt, our 5 yr old son came running to me asking that I take his photo in his new hat.   Well, just take a look at how cute he dressed himself from head to toe!!!! 

Here is a good example of why you must always get in the habit of zeroing out your camera – I forgot right before I took these photos of him, and the ISO was CRAZY high so these turned out super noisy because it was NOT that bright out.  But I refuse to trash them because of some noise.  He is too stinkin’ cute hopping all over like a little frog and lovin’ it!!!!  



Not sure what made my look at the ISO so closely, but I was so thankful not to mess up all the shots of him.   I want to print one of the following for his room!  Smile 




Praying you have a hopping good weekend!   Oh, yes I did Smile 

Don’t forget to vote for our best SOOC shot for October – poll closes tomorrow afternoon!

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