Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday

Today, before you pray along with us, I would like you to take a few moments and truly allow this image to work its way from your mind into your heart.   Imagine you are truly sitting at His feet.  Imagine that you are right there before God and then begin to pray with us.   God is always ready to listen to your heart cry and will carry every burden you bring to Him.  Let it all go today friends.  Give it all to God.  Every pain, hurt, frustration, etc.   He can handle it all.   Oh how He loves us!


Quietly I sit at Your feet, God, desiring to be in Your presence.  To have my spirit refreshed and my mind renewed.  To be comforted and filled with the love, joy, and peace that only You can give me.  Thank You Father, that You see me, You know me, You hear the deep cries of my heart, and You care for me perfectly.  Lord, I pray that You would give me the grace and strength for each step that I must take on the path that You have chosen for me. Help me to see my life through Your eyes, and praise You through every circumstance.  I know that wherever You lead me, no matter what I may face, You will uphold me and keep me in perfect peace and safety.

My times are in Your hands, Lord.  Please help me to surrender my life completely to You. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.  So that I might be used completely for the purpose that You have in mind for me, and glorify Your holy name.  Help me live each day with my eyes focused on You, listening intently for Your still small voice, being ready without hesitation to obey everything You ask of me.

God, I know that it might be a harder road than I expect to walk on as I follow You wherever You lead – but I trust that You will not only guide me, and provide for me, You will give me the grace to walk every step of the way.   God I believe that Your plans are best for me.   Even when they don’t turn out they way I want or hoped.   Father, please only give me what will produce fruit worthy of others to taste and see Your goodness.   God, please help me to be content in every season I must walk through.   God, please help my joy to remain full as I focus on You, and not the circumstances I am in.  Father, when I try to walk away from Your path, please be swift in calling me back and use every situation to show me that I have stepped off into the wrong direction.  Help me to do all things unto the glory of Your name.   

Let my words be a reflection of my heart for You.  Let my life be a reflection of all that You do for me and did the moment you laid down Your life for all of my sins.    Let my reactions to this life be quick to praise You and thank You for it all.   Please Father, let every life lesson be worthy of Your praise.  Please God, let every moment that I have walked toward You draw others to Your feet – where Your blood spilled out for all – a love so perfect and pure – nothing in this life could ever repay.   Let my heart cries to let go of it all be lived out more and more each day.  

Today, God, I am here, listening and my only desire is to do Your will.    

Thank You Father, that I do not have to walk through this life in my own strength and wisdom, for Your grace is sufficient and You are more than enough for me!    Thank You Father, that You honor the prayers of Your children when we humble ourselves before You and ask for nothing but more of You in our lives.   Help me to never take for granted the gift of Your mercy, grace, joy, peace, hope and love!   Father, thank You!   I love You!  I need You more and more each day.   I pray all of this in Jesus’ most blessed name!  AMEN!

Now I want you to look at this image and walk right into the photo – one step at a time closer to God.   I will meet you there – at the throne room of grace!!!!  Where His love will be poured out into our lives and hearts!!!!


Did you notice you can’t see where the road leads?   No worries!  God is right there with you.  You can trust Him.  Go ahead walk down the path He has for you.   He has gone before You.  He will lead you and guide you perfectly.  He will provide all that you need every step of the way.   He is faithful to finish the good work He has begun in each of us.   He will not forsake you or leave.  Keep your eyes on Him – don’t look back or try to see too far ahead.  

Trust Him.  Believe Him.  Obey Him.   Follow Him.  

Praying for each of you today.   Be blessed!



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