Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday

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God, I come before You, with my heart completely restless.  How I long to be with You in Your dwelling place- completely set free from every hindrance and weight of this broken, sin, sick world.  Deeply, I yearn for the day that You will finally set everything right, but, I know that it is because of Your great mercy that You tarry.  For it is not Your will that anyone should perish, but that all would come to a saving faith in You.  So please Father, grant me the grace and the strength that I need to continue walking on the path that You have placed before me.

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My heart cries and tears well in my eyes for the hardships, pain, and suffering that surrounds me. In my humanness I am so prone to ask questions, trying to make sense of it all, to somehow try and fix what I see as wrong; yet, I know I am powerless to do so.   So, I come to You seeking the comfort, peace, joy, and rest that only You can give me. 

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I give thanks that while everything around me seems to be unraveling, You are holding all things safely in the palm of Your hands. I am amazed that You who created everything from nothing and brought forth life through spoken words are mindful of me.  How blessed I am that through every season You are with me- never leaving or forsaking me.  When I walk through the deepest darkest most painful valleys You are there to share my sorrow, holding me close.

Please Father, lead me.  Work within my soul so deeply that my only desire is more of You. Give me an unquenchable appetite for Your word - it is life to me. I know that no matter how this world may seek to distract or entice me; no earthly thing will ever be able to satisfy the deepest longing of my heart.  Nothing will ever compare to what I have already received from You.  You are the giver every good gift. You desire only what is best for Your children, I know Your will for me is perfect.  I only want what is pleasing to You and will bring about Your will in my life.  Please Father, refine me into the image of Your Son.  No matter how long, hard or painful the journey, help me to keep focused on You.  Help me to trust You completely while praising Your holy name.  May I always be a barer of encouragement and hope- giving others the same comfort that I have so graciously received from You.

In Jesus'  most blessed  name I pray, Amen




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